Back In Action

Okay, so I finally was fully back in action, well pretty close anyways, after a 4 day battle with what I’m calling the flu for now.  It wasn’t totally flu symptom like, no vomit or…you know what?  Ew.  Nevermind that.

I’m back!

So I figured that if today is the “Shattering” which is pretty much confirmed at this point.  And the idea that the elementals might be done that night, I figured I should try to defend IF again just to get the tripping the rifts.  Oh, guess what, IF is still broken.  I don’t know how it was on other servers, and I know I wasn’t there for every IF invasion, but our rifts would spawn, but no elementals would come out and people would still be trapped.  It was pretty troublesome.  Oh well, no tripping the rifts for me on any characters!  /sad face

But on to better things!  251 gear for easy bosses!  So I hopped on the Pally Tank right away and got lucky with the shield drop.  A warrior rolled on it against me as off-spec, I would have freaked out if he won.  So then I hopped over to Schubert, who won a ring, and then I hopped onto Sibelius, but I don’t think he got anything, maybe a ring?  I realized that I should focus on Schubert since he was just one piece away from being epic.  He still had a lame 200 neck-piece.  Prince Sassyfrass had a 251 caster neck.  So I kept queuing for him over and over and over.  I saw it drop.  Outrolled by a healer.  Argh, IMO, no spirit = not for healers.  😛  Again it drops, outrolled by a healer…again.  /rage  So I must have had a full bag full of those stupid leather chest-pieces and every time was outrolled by the healer for the neck.  I’m sure there were a lot of happy healers that night, but there was one REALLY frustrated mage. 

In the mean time I did cooking.  While standing around cooking from 1 to 300, people would whisper me, “port to darn” and before I had read the message, ask me to group.  I ported the first one, no thank you, no tip, nothing.  The next one that asked me, I ported him, and then said, you’re welcome when he got to the other side, not even a thank you then.  So I was done, no more ports.  Of course, the next guy that asks me is like level 35 or something.  I told him I had to cook 45 more cranberry chutney before I could port him.  He responded “ok”.  Then he stood there watching me!  I finished up, and invited him to group, confirmed Darnassus and sent him on his way…no tip, no thank you, so I said, thanks for the tip and left group.  I can’t believe that just because of his level I actually felt bad for him.  After I was done cooking and needed to go to Darnassus myself, I said out loud “Free Portal to Darnassus for nice people.”  A mage right after said “Portals, 5g, pst”.  I get no response, so I grab the last of my cooking supplies and head out.  As I’m casting my teleport, I see someone talking to the other mage who has created a portal to Dalaran.  The guy is saying “No I need Darnassus.”  I just sit and think to myself…idiots.

So then friend Sanbec whispers me about what to do with the Phoenix in Magister’s Terrace…kill it, kill the egg. 
“Wait…are you in there solo?” 
“Yeah, just on regular”
<10 minutes>
“I give up on this,” she says “2 pheonix up and one egg.”
I look at my queue for Prince Sassy…”I’ll be right there.”  Port myself to Shatt and I’m there.
We took out prince pretty hair pretty quick, it’s nice when you have a mage to deal with Pheonix!  We looted, danced on his corpse and had a good time.  I then said, “so…I need this neck piece…”  Bam, we’re back in Prince Sassy, it’s nice to have a pocket tank!  We must have killed him somewhere close to 8-10 times.  No neck at all.  I gave up, defeated and past my bed time, I decided to cave, go to the Conquest badge vendor and buy a 226 neck, I got the Epic achievement, but it didn’t feel epic at all, it felt like the “participation” ribbon you get at the city track meet when you place last. 

And so, the elementals have invaded, the world has been shattered, and time to start anew.  I think it’s just in time.  I will say that the broken rifts in IF made the event very unsatisfying.  I did like battling the ones in Stormwind, and I liked most of the cultist quest-line as well.  It was good times, but I think I’d only give it a 50% satisfaction. 

Today though, I will have 100% satisfaction with the patch because gnome priests make everything epic!!


5 Responses to “Back In Action”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Gnome… priests…. must… have… race…. change….

    No more hooves for my priest alt!

  2. gromitdaddy Says:


  3. repgrind Says:

    Yeah those broken rifts almost ended Kerick’s quest for Tripping. But since he was out exploring the world for one last time, he ran across so many rifts he could have gotten the feat 100x over. You shoulda just gone riding around. 😦

    I shoulda known I wasn’t quite ready to solo MgT. Thanks for the help! That made it so easy. 😀

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