Simpler Times

I haven’t been on my regular WoW schedule lately due to a busy personal schedule.  Community band concerts, a visit from the parents, volunteering, and hanging out with peeps left my last few days with very little WoW.  Oh yeah, and there was that patch which seemed to take forever to load.  So I played some Civ 4 while that was going on.

What was kinda cool is that Monday night I showed a friend WoW.  They had seen some advertisements for Cataclysm and so I packed up the laptop to let them take a drive at it. 

I realized that it has been a LONG time since I rolled a new character.  Part of that is because I have 7 level 80s.  So I’d have to make room for other toons.  I can always roll again on another server, but bleh, my peeps are on Winterhoof.  The other part is that once Cataclysm was announced I really stopped leveling any toons and told myself that I would wait to level up so that I could experience more of the new content. 

So there I was explaining the classes, their roles, which weren’t going to be too important at levels 1-10 anyways (if we even made it that far), and the races.  I suggested reading the descriptions on classes first and then choosing from there.  It was decided rogue would be the class and they liked the idea of Night Elf.  So there is was the NE Rogue.

So we start with the basics, how to move, change the camera, select and interact with targets, etc.  It’s time for a quest.  So kill some boars and cats.  Easy enough.  Run up to them.  You are too far away.  You are too far away.  You are facing the wrong direction.  You are too far away.  I could tell this was going to be a long night.  Ha ha, then the camera was over the top of the character, underneath, in a bush…  Oy!  But as time went on, it started to get under control.  I think actually that stealth helped slow things down.  Though stealth totally isn’t required to kill level 6 spiders, it did seem to help control where they were around the target. 

It was really funny to me seeing the NE questing area again.  It has been SO long since I looked at it.  Troutwort was my first toon, a NE, and I remember dying endlessly in that cave to spiders.  I remember falling off that stupid tree just trying to get to the dumb hunter trainer.  Seriously, who puts trainers in a tree?

The quests are the same, but everything is neutral now, you can run right past everything, get your quests and get out.  But that area has terribly quests in general.  When it was time to fill the first Phial, I was reminded how annoying it was to collect moonwell water from them all.  Bleh. 

What was awesome about it all though was to see someone new learning the game and watching them have a good time doing it!  It’s awesome to see that simple joy and excitement as they are figuring out the game, it reminded me of that simple time back when I started playing the game.  I was so terrible, but I was having the time of my life.

I have a feeling that with Cataclysm, I’m gonna want to see how all those starting zones have changed, get that excitement back, because it will all be new to me again.


3 Responses to “Simpler Times”

  1. lagalot Says:

    I totally fell to my death off that tree. Learning new controls was URRGGHH. If I had rolled any other race I doubt I would have stayed with it. That forest is great eye candy.

  2. Analogue Says:

    You don’t want to know how noobish I was as a noob…. I’d get stuck in inns and be unable to find my way out. In my defense they were dwarf inns…. yeah.

    My first character was a female Dwarf hunter, shows how little I knew about the game. The problem was, Reversion knew ALLLL about huntering already… and was going to tell me ALLLLL about huntering…. heh.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Troutwort didn’t train Feign Death because I figured, what good would it be to pretend to be dead, you can’t attack! Also, I didn’t realize I had to trian my pet, I thought just buying the spells from the trainer he’d learn them! He was like level 42 using rank 1 claw!! 😛

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