You are not prepared!

Oh wait.  We already did that expansion.

As it is, as Cataclysm approaches I really am starting to feel as though I’m not prepared!  Cataclysm is what…just 3 weeks away?  I haven’t pre-ordered a copy (though I never have for any of the expansions) and though my toons are all to 80, I am feeling they are just….well, not ready! 

I probably need to have a check-off list like so many others do and really focus on hitting those goals.  One of the other things that leaves me feeling anxious and unprepared is that with the raid team I’ve been asked to join, they are planning on starting first raids come January, so I have one month to get the warlock to 85!!  With every other expansion, I’ve usually installed the game and then just started a new character so that I don’t have to compete with those rushing to the next level cap.  After a month or so, I really start focusing on leveling and by then it’s generally much less crowded.

It will be a big change for me to have to focus on leveling and having that drive come not from myself and my crazy desires for another max level or max profession. 

Okay so all that being said, I’m really not feeling ready for it!  Okay, three weeks left, two weekends away on non-WoW things, including thanksgiving which means no WoW for almost 5 days.  Volunteering on Wednesday nights….so the way I figure it, I have 12 days to play before the next expansion. 



The tricky part about preparing is figuring what is going to be most important.  The dilemma I have is that I’ve always been self-sufficient with my toons.  I try not to buy from the AH, but instead have just about every profession to 450 (save blacksmithing) so that whatever I need, I can get it made.  So in preparation to level a toon quickly, I wonder do I also need to make sure I have enough materials or play time on the other toons to support them…with flasks, glyphs, and gems.  Fortunately, the warlock is enchanting, so that I don’t have to worry about, he also tailors, so that’s good too. 

Okay, so what do I want to accomplish??

  • I want to do Turkey Holiday a little more this year, I haven’t completed all of it on any toon on account of being gone most of time it’s active. 
  • I want to participate in as much of the elemental invasion as I can!
  • I want to finish up some questlines in Storm Peaks and Icecrown that I STILL haven’t done.
  • I want to try healing on my Shaman.
  • I want to finish up whatever tournament faction I’m currently working on if I have more than half of the seals I need.

Okay, that should be plenty.  I would be pretty impressed with myself if I even get all that done.  So much to do…so little time.  Is anyone else feeling…not prepared?


3 Responses to “You are not prepared!”

  1. Analogue Says:

    I figure not having a real checklist can be considered “roleplaying”. After all, our characters don’t realize what’s about to happen… so whatever doesn’t get done, it’s Deathwing’s fault.

  2. repgrind Says:

    In some ways, having a ‘deadline’ is a good thing. While it’s true that I will never run out of things to do in this game … most of them I would keep putting off without a little push. Are they things that *need* to be done? Not really. Karius could go for the rest of his life without being exalted with the Aldor, and it wouldn’t affect his ‘career’. But at the same time, it’s stuff that I just want to be able to say I have done.

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