Ding, Dong, the King is Dead!

This week the raid group created by Analogue finally got some serious attempts in at Lich King.  She does an excellent job recounting the events in her post, so I won’t rehash it all out.  Instead I will simply note how proud of the entire group I was.  For me, this success was a reinforcement of some of the things I really believe about the game.  For example, bring the player, not the gear.  I’ve always hated gear score ratings and people being rejected or accepted because of them.  I know players who are fully competent who just don’t have the gear yet (some of them downed the Lich King this weekend) and some who are fully geared and still stand in the bad and deserve a trip to the bee pit.  Our outstanding success and even one shotting Sindragosa with people who had never seen it is due to the competence of the player, regardless of gear score.  Gear score is a good indicator if you’re facing enrage timers and maybe need more DPS, but even then, I’ve seen players in full T-10 doing less DPS than fresh 80s.  Seems impossible, but true.

Another thing it reinforced for me is that DPS meters don’t matter.  Yes, it’s fun to see that you did epic DPS or whatever, but what’s more important is having DPS that is willing to sacrifice 2 seconds or screw up their rotation to ensure that a mob is crowd controlled or that they switched targets fast enough, or whatever it may be. 

One last one is you need less add-ons than you think.  I run with minimal add-ons.  Deadly Boss Mods and Decursive are the only two add-ons I run with.  Blizzards user interface is good enough for me to be able to do what I need.  People probably think, how can you do it?!?!?  Practice.  I always sorta freak out when a paladin tank says they can’t heal themselves even for a second if the healer goes down because they turned off Heal-Bot.  Seriously?  That’s a level of dependency I never wish to have.  Add-ons can make you a smidge faster and are no doubt helpful, but I get nervous around players who use too many because they might be inhibited just as much as helped by their add-ons. 

But back to the point, I am SO lucky to be raiding with such a competent group and only hope we continue to have great success.  If you had told me I was going to down the Lich King before Cataclysm, I would have laughed at you.  After hearing about the endless hours of wipes other people dealt with, I was pretty convinced I would never.  But if you bring the player, and make a great group, you’ll have success, even if it is only 4 weeks before the next expansion pack!


4 Responses to “Ding, Dong, the King is Dead!”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Do you use a healing mod at all for healing in raids? I didn’t used to, but then I switched to Vuhdo and I realized how much better it makes me. I *can* heal without it but as a druid my HOT timers are so essential, it’s like trying to drive a car with no dials on the dashboard. Do-able, but hard work.

    I agree, it’s all about bringing the players who can play and we’ve got a great group. I’m so grateful that we have people who will switch characters and roles depending on what we need.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I don’t use any healing mods when I heal in raids. I used to use XPerl, but with the Blizz updates to user interface I really haven’t had the need to. Also, since I’m not using extensive HoTs it’s not as important for me. The debuff that people get from PW: Shield is a good indicator as to when I need to cast it again. I know, it’s old school. I don’t have issues if people want to, but if I had a quarter for everytime someone had to log out because they couldn’t heal a heroic without HealBot…well, I’d have a lot of quarters. 😛

      • Analogue Says:

        That makes sense. One thing I’m addicted to is one-click casting – IE, a specific click casts Rejuv on the person whose raid frame I’m on. If I had to select their frame, then cast, it would be a lot slower. But again that’s more key for a druid than a priest.

        If you can’t heal without addons, you won’t be a very good healer with addons. If you can use addons to make you an even better healer, tha’s awesome.

        Of course you’ve got Decursive running, which functionality is a large reason I use Vuhdo anyway… status effects, debuffs, and click casts make me happy.

    • lagalot Says:

      The new 4.0 bliz raid frames do everything now.

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