Demonology and the Lich King

For the Lich King battle, the raid leader asked that I bring my Warlock.  I love that little red-headed tranny*, so it was good times.  He’s specc’d demonology and so I noticed a few tools that worked out really well during the encounter.  I will share them with you, this might help other demonology warlocks, or just gives an idea to those of you that don’t know anything about warlocks, just what the crap I’m doing most of the time.  I’m sure most demonology warlocks know these things already though. 

1)  Demonic teleport is awesome.  During phase 1 I used it to port myself to the big shambling thing so I could be cleansed quickly.  During phase 2, I moved it to the platform edge so that if Vykrul grabs you, your raid can just ignore and pop back up after she drops you…just remember to stand in the direction of your teleport. 

2) Stuns and snares.  The first enemies that come to mind are those silly Valkyr.  Your Felguard has Axe Toss giving a 4 second stun and you have Hand of Gul’dan (hopefully with the snare effect) so you can snare her in place that way too.  Don’t use them simultaneously, but back to back and hopefully that will delay her long enough to have downed her.  I don’t notice that we have excellent burst as demonology warlocks, so DoT her up and stun/snare her seemed to contribute the most.  You can also use your Hand of Gul’dan on the um…wispy things that fly around the Lich King in phase 3–the ones that fly down and explode…Vile Spirits?  This may not snare all of them, but it buys time and staggers them which allows you time to kill them before they reach you or your friends.  Hand of Gul’dan has a medium length cooldown (12 seconds?) so be sure that if you’re going to need it you didn’t just use it, this may botch up your rotation a little bit, but better to snare the Valkyr than use a healer over the edge.  EDIT:  The intial stun from Hand of Gul’dan does not stun the Valkyr anymore.  So cast it on her, then use the Axe Toss to keep her there, because after 6 seconds, she’ll be rooted there, if she’s still in it, so you want to keep her in it.

3) Metamorphosis.  There is lots of collapse and spread out on this fight.  When you do collapse it’s a good time to pop metamorphosis so that your immolation aura is ticking off on our dear friend the Lich King.  On the contrary, pay attention to when you have to move a lot so that it doesn’t go to waste running around.  It’s on a short cooldown of just 2ish minutes (talented) so it can be used lots, always use with heroism.  Do NOT use it on the ghouls in phase 1.  It can also be useful for Valkyrs if you can get close to them.

That’s about it, that’s all I can think of now.  Those couple of tools, some of them new since 4.0, can really help make the raid a success as a demonology warlock.  

*Rossini the Kingslayer used to be a female named Kittykat.


4 Responses to “Demonology and the Lich King”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Every Valkyr, I was praying it’d pick you up…. fortunately it did seem to happen to you a lot.

    Good tips! I’ve only ever healed this fight so hearing other roles’ techniques is really key for me learning all aspects.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I think I was praying for me to get the Valkyr (omg I typed Vykrul in my posts!!) every time too. Probably every warlock should pray for that! OMG, I am so embarassed about spelling things wrong. He he, can’t they just name them like “Alice” or “Steve”? It would be so much easier to say, “Steve will pick you up and drop you off the edge.”

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