The 4.0

I know I’m a little late getting to the party to comment on the Patch 4.0 which shifted our characters into new heroes by losing some skills, gaining others, and changing the rest.  It was a wild ride for many people.

Inspired by a post over at The Wayward Initiative, I decided to give my own comments on the patch, how I dealt with things and what I thought about the changes that went into effect.

As far as interface changes, Blizzard again made some awesome interface changes and really provided some things that people always wanted anyways.  The list of professions for the guild has proven more than handy and even the default raid interface is totally acceptable for me…though I’m the king of few add-ons.  As a GM too, the guild ranks and ability to add the requirement of authenticator to the ranks is awesome.  Being able to remove ranks from the middle of the ranks too is nice as well.  We had too many so I did that right away.  Requiring authenticators was already something we did for guild bank access, but I won’t mind not having to have people pull out their Core Hounds.

But on to the real changes with some of my classes…

Discipline – Elgar has been disc since patch 3.0 before wrath, I love it, I will always love it.  Bubbles are amazing.  Anyways, patch 4.0 brought some really cool things to disc and I really love it now.  #1  Atonement—smite now heals and it procs divine aegis!  It’s epically awesome to be doing damage, crit, heal, and bubble all in one spell.  Seriously?  How epic is that?  Then on top of that, you get a buff that you can cash in to get 3% more healing per stack AND the animation is wings!!  I just about peed myself from excitement.  The difficulty now of course is working in smites at the appropriate times because I find myself wanting to smite, but I don’t want to end up forgetting to heal.  He he!  But the spec is awesome now.  I really feel viable and capable.  What’s more awesome than being in a bubble?  Being in a bigger bubble!  PW: Barrier on a 3 minute cooldown is awesome.  I have been getting in a rotation of using it often since it’s a relatively short cooldown.  

Shadow – While I haven’t really spent much time playing as shadow other than a few dailies, it’s really fun.  It seems a bit easier than I remember and now with Mind Flay to 40 yards I don’t feel the need to be all up close and personal with the things I’m fighting.  And the little dark images that appear and run to kill my enemies?  AWESOME, especially awesome when you use your Gnomeregan trinket to look like a little dark gnome.  I’ll get some more play time on this soon, but so far it’s fun.

Hunter Marksmanship
Trout is still marksmanship and overall the damage just feels low.  I’m not seeing big numbers like I used to and I’m in better gear than before…figure that one out?  But I do like the focus changes, dislike losing volley, but the hit anything multishot is nice, and the pet changes are pretty fun for the most part.  It’s nice to be able to get a buff from the pet.  I will try it out more as time goes on, but I think at least the focus change was awesome.  

Frost – Schubert has a tendency to go frost.  And he really likes it, and now everything seems to proc all the time and he’s like crazy mad frost slinging gnome!  It’s pretty cool.  The damage from frost is definitely up from before.  The pet being able to freeze anytime and add to that a talent to make cone of cold freeze targets in place makes me keeping everything frozen all the time it seems.  That means super crits from ice lance and before you know it, everything has frozen to death.  

Fire – The fire spec seems like it can pump out some serious AOE damage.  They might be king now with the free flamestrikes, the targeted blast nova and such.  Though I haven’t tried it in combat yet (frost is too much fun) I will have to run some heroics on it to see how crazy I can get.  I better keep ice block handy.

The demonology warlock changes are awesome and really gave a sense of rotation now and in my opinion shifted the play a little more towards destruction.  Immolate is able to be kept up all the time without recast thanks to Hand of Guldan, which is fun on it’s own because not only does it refresh immolate, but it adds a root and stun!  Good times!!  Felguard lost his taunt, but gained BLADESTORM and the new guardian demons are pretty awesome as well.  Either way, I feel like I have a better understanding of spell priority now than I did when it was a mess before.  Hellfire can be cast on the move and does 30% more damage, we’re still kinda this mix in the middle, but it’s very fun.  If you’ve never tried out this spec, I suggest you at least take it for leveling, because it’s awesome.  

Okay, this is already a massive post, and again without pictures.  So I apologize.  I just keep forgetting to send them to myself.  I’ll stop here though and leave out my feelings on the Druid, Shaman, and Paladin, they haven’t gotten much play yet anyways, so I’ll get back to them eventually.  

In summary, I felt like all my spell casters really got some fun tools, got their toolbars cleaned up and are very fun to play.  The hunter should be getting a damage buff per the up coming patches, but they just feel a little weak.  I am continually looking forward to the further changes over the next coming weeks and just one month from this weekend, we’ll all be scurrying about working towards our journey to 85.

3 Responses to “The 4.0”

  1. DarthRegis Says:

    I stuck with Destro and “PvP” Affliction for my Lock, even though everything is pretty neglected right now (computer is borked, away for repairs.) Destro hasn’t really changed all that much, which is probably why I stuck with it. You know…change is scary and all. 🙂

    As for mages – I’m kind of annoyed with Fire. With the changes they’re making to Cata, making it less of an AoE grind, it seems silly that they’re making fire so AoE awesome. While the AoE spells are still good to have up for single targets, it seems risky to be using it for group stuff. With that said, I’m merely speculating. I too have been having way too much fun as frost. And with FoF and BF proc’ing so much, Frost doesn’t even have a rotation any more. It’s a priority list… so yeah, tons more fun!

    Hunter – still leveling up my BM/SV hunter. I must say, I’m enjoying the BM side of things a bit more than SV… but maybe that’s because I’m just much more used to the tools available to me. I dunno. It’s pretty fun, although I’m a little sick of Outland. 😛

    • Troutwort Says:

      Embrace the change!!!

      And I totally agree with you on Frost Mages, I pretty much will use Cone of Cold just to spam Ice Lance on them!! And yes BF procs a million.

  2. slice213 Says:

    Yes, Atonement is quite fun! 🙂

    But with the way dmg is in ICC, I dont smite a lot in boss fights, dmg to spikey.

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