The End of Hallow’s End

I love the in-game WoW holidays, but I never really did them to completion, mostly just tried to get any mini-pets that were involved and make some extra cash or badges off of the dailies.  This year has been a little different as I realized that I had many achievements done on many characters and should really just “finish it up.”  Starting with Brewfest I realized that the only thing I didn’t have on most of them was Brew of the Month.  So I picked that up and both Elgar and Troutwort got Brewmaster.  Schubert had it from last year.  Unfortunately, I really loathe the ram racing so I didn’t do it on any of the others, but I did run the daily boss.  With 7 level 80s I was in there a lot and managed to get 6 brewfest mounts!  Though Schubert that naughty gnome mage got both ram and kodo.  This left 2 toons without holiday mounts, which is fine, I had gotten lucky enough! 

Hallow’s End was a similar story.  Last year Troutwort did everything except never got a stupid Hallowed Helm.  So this year all he had to get was that and then I decided to do the Trick or Treating with Elgar and Schubert as well since I knew they would at least have all the flight points.  Elgar finished it up, did his PvP mostly outside Southshore and was done in no time. Troutwort was still waiting on that Hallowed Helm and after nearly 6 full days of Trick or Treating and Headless Horseman, I was beginning to get really nervous again!!!  He finally got one and then I did the all the ToT on Schubert and his PvP which was kinda fun.  All he had left was the Sinister Squashling!  Of all my toons only two didn’t have it: Schubert and Floy, the DK I never play.   I must have gotten that pet a dozen times over on all my other toons, so much as getting it 6 times in one day from bags or HH and yet still not on Schubert!!  Starting to fear a repeat from last year and Troutwort, I started to log in on the hour for Schubert….and still…nothing.  I woke up fairly early on Saturday morning to ensure I had a long day of ToT for Schubert and after ToT once being tricked, I queued for HH and on Saturday, October 30th, I FINALLY got that stupid pet and then the title for Schubert. 

I swear that was the most nerve-wrecking holiday ever.  But I still enjoy that one a lot.  The holiday events and costumes are pretty fun.  We had a guild event to meet in IF with everyone’s wands and got the Masquerade done, it was good times.  Maybe next year I’ll get a few more as all I have now is the PvP and Trick or Treating on some.  I didn’t get so lucky on the mounts this year, Elgar had his from two years ago and got one again, of course, and on the last day, Kalinnikov the Paladin got one as well.  The Flying Brooms are always pretty fun too, the instant mounting is awesome and Gnomes just look way adorable on them.  I forgot to send the screenshot to myself, so I don’t have it, but trust me, they are way cute.

I’ll be sad to see the holiday over, but at the same time, not having to log on every character for HH will be okay too.


7 Responses to “The End of Hallow’s End”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Oh, neat, you’re blogging again! Good, you picked a day when I was updating some blog links on my sad sidebar anyway – been leaving Repgrind off somehow, oops.

    Now we just have to make more guildies actually *read* the blogs, hmmm?

  2. smart001 Says:

    You know, it really irritates me that a couple of the achievements requires the good graces of RNG. Most of the achievements are grinds or skill based (children’s week?). I personally had the dickens getting toothpicks for my main. Really thought i wasn’t going to get it. Luckily I eventually did, but also had to log in on the hour to ToT.

    Good to have you back!

    • Troutwort Says:

      I will agree that the RNG is pretty annoying for holiday events. I was starting to get really anxious at the idea that one of my toons might miss the Hallowed again per a RNG.

      I appreciate the grinds and can even tolerate the PvP a bit, though I’m not sure I ever want to do Children’s week again!

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