WoW Board Game

Every once in a while we nerd it up and whip out the WoW Board Game and sit for 5-8 hours running around Southshore and the Alterac Mountains and then burn through Outlands to try to defeat Lady Vashj, Kael’thas, or Illidan.  Yesterday was one of those days. 

For those of you unfamiliar, the board game is massive.  It takes two leaves in our table just to have enough room for everything and we keep some stuff on the kitchen counter.  Teams are either in 2 or 3, one Horde and one Alliance.  Yesterday, I was Alliance, and for the first time, I played the priest character.  In the board game, she’s a female dwarf.  And knowing how we’d have to face Kael’thas at the end and he has a terribly nasty effect in the game, I specc’d holy in preparation.  I had a dwarf hunter and a female night elf warrior on my side.  The horde team was an orc shaman, troll rogue, and blood elf paladin.  Unfortunately they reached Kael’thas before we did, though we were just one turn behind them.  We still fought him just to see if we could.  Priest healing is OP in the board game, I only wish it was so in the video game. 

Anyways, more about the game play, basically you move your parties around the board out to complete quests.  Each team has 5 quests available, and rewards of gold, experience, and random items are listed on the card.  Spells, talents and abilities all have level requirements, so leveling your character is important.  To defeat monsters, you roll dice.  8-sided dice in blue (for ranged attacks), red (for melee), and green (for defense) are rolled based on the abilities you choose to use and your items.  Characters have health pools and energy levels.  Ironically, the only person that died yesterday was the blood elf paladin. 

You can choose to do PvP, but we generally don’t do that because we’re all good friends and hope to still be good friends at the end of the game. 

This baby can't take any more WoW Board Game!

The game took longer than usual, mostly due to the fact that we had to entertain a baby on the side, and we just seemed to get going slower than usual, it had been over a year since many of us had last played it, so remember the rules and “how to” took a little while.  For dinner though we had chili and a cornbread bake, it was awesome.  The Horde ended up winning, but since they go first, we’ll use that as our excuse why we didn’t win.  Next time, I win.

One Response to “WoW Board Game”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Dang, that looks like fun. Invite me next time! :p

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