A Little Late to the Party…

I had some company all weekend so didn’t do much WoW until Monday night for the guild Classic Raid Night!!  It’s still by far one of our most successful events.  Though the Gnekkid Gnome Race went over really well too. 

Oy!  Looking back at my screenshots so much has happened!  I’ll try to give the brief summary.  Let’s see…Sunday was “Egg Day” as I call it and all 5 of my level 80s got their new eggs to hatch.  Schubert got his Green Proto Drake!  So that’s 2 of 5 with the drake now!  Not too shabby!!  He’ll probably still mostly fly on the carpet, I love that thing, but it’s nice to have a dragon alternative that isn’t the Boring Drake, I mean Bronze Drake.  After hatching all my eggs I went over to the Pally and burned through two levels taking him to 56 now.  I went out to Outlands and trained his Mining and Engineering and am teased by the flying machine which now dangles in my face just a short 4 levels away.  As soon as the servers come up, I’m playing on him.

The DK also hit 70 which means I could use the beauty that I crafted for her.  I took her to Blacksmithing since I’ve never had one and I actually bothered to do the swordsmithing quests to which she was able to craft the Lionsheart something…I’ll just put a picture.  It’s one of the level 70 epics from Blacksmithing.  It should last me until the mid 70s, it’s worth it for the graphic.

Last but not least, back to classic raid night, we took on Sunwell.  And it wasn’t too bad.  As always it was super fun to be in there with everyone, but we really REALLY stuggled on Felmyst.  I think we spent over an hour just trying to get past him.  The weird thing is that the first three bosses seemed to be the worst, and after that Twins, Mu’ru, and Kil’Jaeden seemed pretty easy!  I got the achievement and have finally, nearly 1.5 years after the fact, completed my Outland Raider.  A little late to get it done, but it’s done.  One of these days I’ll finish up all the heroics too.  Ha!

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