Me and the Illid’n, Making it Happ’n

Dear Illidan,
I am sorry about Monday night when we decided to storm your little temple.  I know you don’t like uninvited guests but after all these years and visits with your orcs, you’ve never had us over.  It might have been a bit forward of us to invite ourselves in, but we wanted to see the place.  I was upset that so many of your temple-mates were so unfriendly.  Especially the ‘nice ladies’ in the rooms with all the pillows.  They sure seemed friendly to others *wink*.  Anyways, I am sorry we barged in but really, you didn’t have to try to light us on fire!  Also, I’m so sorry that Maiev Shadowsong showed up, I had no idea she would!  Promise!  Anyways, sorry to have the evening end the way it did; it was fun while it lasted.  Next Monday we’re going to see Kil’Jaeden, do you think he’ll be home?
Love Always,

A picture with me and my friends!


2 Responses to “Me and the Illid’n, Making it Happ’n”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Oooh, great screenshot, Elgey! I’ll be posting mine today 😀

  2. We Were Prepared « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] she’s kinda like the Devourer of Souls on steroids. A few people even died … including Elgar, but he had an excuse since he was afk and on follow. If I could have ice blocked both of us, I […]

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