Oh dear god…another 80?

Okay…so I disappeared more or less.  I was crit by the worst boss ever:  work.  Two things about work crit me, one it’s that late last summer they banned WordPress from the internet at work, the other is that work itself crit me, so much that I sometimes would get home so late from work that I wouldn’t be able to log in before passing out.

So flash forward two months…here we are.  I can’t really remember where I left off, Rossini hit 80 late last fall and quickly geared himself with mostly epics, cloaks still evade him though.  And just last week, Borka the Shaman hit level 80.  He’s my first melee character and finally I understand how so many people are leveled by whirlwinds in heroics.  There are even some bosses or mobs that I didn’t even know had a whirlwind until Borka is laying face down on the floor.

The thing though that I love about my shaman is that he’s enhance, and basically if things get ugly and the tank goes down, I can pop shamanistic rage, wolves, and just go crazy.  Usually it’s enough to stay alive.  His gear seems to be coming much slower than Rossini’s did, but I did do dungeons all through Northrend so I had 26 badges when I hit level 80 and got his totem right away.  I also had two of the Brewfest maces…the um…mug things?  God, I’m dual weilding them and I can’t think of the name.  Ha! 

One of the tricks I’m learning with Shaman is knowing what totems to drop when and what buffs override the others.  I’m starting to understand them so much more than when I just solo.  But I do enjoy dropping cleansing and tremor totems, they make some parts of some dungeons so much less annoying!

Alright I’m going to try to be back to posting more soon.  I actually have been taking screenshots all the time!  I just haven’t had the time to really post lately.  More soon I hope!


3 Responses to “Oh dear god…another 80?”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Tankard O’Terror … Kaly still has his in the bank. 😀
    His dual Lion’s Maws will be joining it there tonight.

    I wonder if you can get in HFoS yet. That Nighttime axe is a real nice enhance weapon.

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