3.3 Ready Check!

No, I won’t be ready for whatever raids they are rolling out.  But am I ready for the patch?  Yes.

I don’t really raid all that much, so my characters manage to get their gear from heroics, badges, and crafting and the occasional raid.  They’ve done okay for themselves all things considered.  And last night I made the final push for Schubert.  Since the emblem system will again change, I didn’t want him to be stuck with a bunch of badges he wasn’t going to have use for.  So I ground out a few more instances and got his T8.5 chest piece which gives that yummy bonus of 350 spell power for 15 seconds.  Last night, that procced as well as his abyssal rune, and his lightweave embroidery and BAM!  His spell power was over 3000!  At least for like 10 seconds.  He he.  It’s quite amazing to me because while other mages might see that much spell power on a more regular basis, for Schubert, who was my 3rd level 80 I’m quite impressed by him.  He might have become my best DPS for the time being.  Speaking of Schubert, I did H ToC the other day and I got “Hammer of Justice” from Eadric, and hit Ice Block to get out of the stun effect, much to my surprise his Hammer Appeared on my bar.  I chucked it back at him and bam!  I facerolled Eadric.  It might have been my favorite achievement that he’s earned.

I decided that Rossini the warlock is just going to hang out and wait for patch 3.3 before hitting the heroics.  He’ll be able to make some big improvements with the new badges and that will probably be the easiest way to gear him up.

As for the others, Floy had her one year birthday on December 4th.  I had a screenshot from the day she was created, pink pigtails and all.  I will likely spend a little time on her this weekend, I’m working on grinding out some materials to make the level 70 2-hander.  Just because I can.  😛

If the patch comes next Tuesday I’ll be pretty excited, there will be some nice buffs to the classes and specs that I enjoy, so I can’t complain about that!


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