December Already?

Ack!  Thanksgiving left me without much time to play.  That’s okay good times with family is always worth it.

I got back into WoW right away after craving it for days.  Realizing that I just need to put in some time on some of my toons, I did some dungeons with Schubert and my first roic with Rossini the lock.  He also managed to get his enchanting to level 450!  It’s awesome.  Hopefully now I can turn it into a little cash.

I had an e-mail conversation with Repgrind the other day.  We were talking about what if Cataclysm things really fell apart.  Like WAY apart.  That one dude Garrosh seems to be messing things up on the Horde side pretty well and so I started to think what if the Horde and the Alliance fell even further into separation.  What if there was a third or possibly even a 4th faction!??!  It would really mess things up.  It’s practically impossible to implement as a split like that would leave NE friends now not so friendly with their humans.  But if we entertain the idea for a little bit where would people end up?  What would the new alliances be?  After much conversation with her and figuring out what is most logical based on the lore, here’s what we came up with….

Faction 1
Night Elves

Faction 2

Faction 3

Faction 4
Blood Elves
Death Knights

WTF?  Death Knights as a faction?  Well it seems to make the most sense to us.  Toss them in with their undead friends and the Blood Elf sufferers.  I did mention that if I found out that Repgrinds DK Kalyon was responsible for Elgar’s mothers death back in the Plaguelands I’m pretty sure even if he was a member of the Alliance that Elgar would have a really hard looking past the past to someone who is now “reformed” as a friend.  No.  Not going to happen.  Thank god Elgar doesn’t role play!  Ha ha!

Obviously this faction mix up will not happen, but sometimes you have to wonder how it would all work out if things really started to fall apart.  I sometimes do wonder how the other Alliance race leaders take to the human King’s hot temper.  Some of those videos like the Ulduar release video made me hate the King.  Don’t tell him though.

Anyways, good times with bored e-mails at work.  Ha ha.  To leave on a fun note, today we happened across this link from Felicia Day.  I never laughed so hard.


11 Responses to “December Already?”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Wrynn is not my leader. You know where my allegiances are. After all, there’s a reason Kaly is wearing the Argent Champion title. Karius wishes there was something like ‘of the Kirin Tor’ … kinda not fair that all he can do is get exalted with them and nothing else.

    Wrynn is still better than Garrosh though.

  2. For The Pie Says:

    I doubt you can break up the Tauren and Orcs. We’ll see how the Cat lore breaks out.

  3. lagalot Says:

    I have a mental picture of pvp vs faction 1 being a reenactment of the last march of the ents

  4. For The (insert faction here)! « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] By repgrind This post was inspired both by an email conversation turned post at Crits and Giggles, as well as a very excellent post this morning by Arioch over at Clearcasting. If any readers would […]

  5. telanarra Says:

    @ trout

    just chuck magic items over the wall for us to de for Dust and all would be good

  6. Elnoriah Says:

    Blood Elves and Forsaken get dibs on Death Knights? Damn straight!


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