Another 80

Well, I finally made it. Character number 4 has made it to level 80. Rossini the warlock dinged 80 on Sunday, and then promptly ran off to help my roommate get through some Outland dungeons on her level 62 hunter. We did Ramps, Blood Furnace, Slave Pens, and Underbog. I probably should have been using the voidberry to tank, but I used the Felguard and he made quick work of most of the mobs. We ended up getting her about 1 bar from level 64 before she logged off. It was good times.

I then hopped in queue for regular ToC and got a group almost instantly. They were farming for some DK weapon or something, so we must have run it nearly 5-6 times. I got the abyssal rune and that’s it. I swear every piece of leather and mail must have dropped in there, but not a single piece of cloth. Boo. Not even the neck piece for casters. I was disheartened. They did invite my warlock to their guild though, but being the GM for Crits, I had to decline. It might look bad if the GMs alt runs off somewhere else.

Speaking of Crits, we’re growing, lots actually. It’s time to invest in a larger vent server. We’ve picked up many players who are casual raiders and the Crits evening crew now consists of many 80s who are ready for anything, and yet not crazed about raiding. It’s awesome. Many people have been inquiring about us as well as the good word spreads. We’ll need to start running 25s I guess and a couple of 10s each week. I’m still hoping that people will step up as raid organizers since I don’t raid much at all myself.

I’m hoping to get the warlock in on a few more ToCs and hopefully some of the easier heroics, he probably could be carried through, but I like to try and be useful. A Naxx-10 would be awesome; I might have to set that up in the guild. I bet there are plenty of alts that would go. Actually a Naxx-25 would be good for farming badges as well.

So now that there are 4 level 80s, and three of them are “satisfied” I’ll work on getting mostly epics for the warlock for a bit and then off to level up the next toon. The shaman, Borka. So then it will be both mail wearing classes, and all three cloth wearers. I have a feeling though that as I level up the final toons to make it to 80, the shaman, druid, DK, and dare the paladin even make it? I will be satisfied with them just making it to 80 and wearing a few crafted epics. That will probably be good enough for them. If I have 7 level 80s by the time Cat rolls out I’d be impressed and possibly embarrassed with myself.

6 Responses to “Another 80”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Grats to Rossini!

    Maybe Arioch can help here. I’d been wanting that trinket but I have two nice haste trinkets now from Uld and ToC10 so I’m not sure if I would need it anymore.

    Looking forward to Naxx, although I’ll probably end up doing more tanking than dps’ing unless one of the more geared people wants to come along. Can you imagine me and Kaif as the tanks? Scary!

  2. smart001 Says:

    this altoholicism is getting ridiculous. I have been shirking all hunter responsibilities trying to get my druid leveled. And I am excited to get my warrior leveled, though tbh, Bear tanking is a blast.

  3. Elnoriah Says:

    Congrats Trout!

    *cough level the DK cough*

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