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Okay, so I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks.  It’s mostly that things at work and in my personal life got a little bit…how to say crazy, that I just haven’t even played WoW much itself!  So this post is mostly just an update to catch up on things.

Troutwort did NOT manage to get the hallowed helm during his halloween activities.  In fact during that crazy time the only thing I would do is log in Trout several times a night to trick or treat, then log off.  He hasn’t seen much love after that though did do a guild run of Ony-10 and did pretty good.  His gear isn’t too bad for what I want him to do.  In fact I might have mentioned it before,  but Trout is satisfied.  He’ll be alright for anything that I possibly would want to do until Cataclysm comes out.  Oh and I still hate that I should have a wolf pet, I really like the wasp better for DPS.

Elgar is similarly stagnant.  Though yesterday I spent time going through some Outland heroics for achievements.  I got exalted with the Cenarion Expedition and just 800 rep shy of exalted with Honor Hold.  I was inspired to reach exalted with all these old factions after hitting 15 exalted reputations the other day!  Most people like Elgar, it’s kinda his thing, it only helps he’s a priest.

Schubert had respecced fire and as of now I haven’t seen a huge increase in his DPS over frost.  I think I’m not doing something right…I think my problem is I want to stack scorches instead of using fireball all the time…I better practice more on him.  But he’s generally satisfied too and is sitting contentedly at 80.

Rossini the warlock has made it to 76 and hopefully today will make it to 77.  He seems to me to be very over powered and has 1500 spell power already!  I keep the Kara Wicked Witch had on him as it’s just too fun to toss out.  I know he’ll have to get a better one.  But I kinda want him to always have the pointy hat.  I want to ask Blizz, why no pointy hats in Northrend?  They have them in Azeroth and Outland!  /sigh

The rest is mostly chump change.  Though Kalinnikov my level 48 paladin has been doing some BGs and it’s quite fun.  I’m still pretty terribad at PvP, but it’s funny being the annoying paladin instead of trying to kill the annoying paladin.  Warlocks seem to make quick work of me though, I might be doing something wrong.

Okay, enough posting, time to get back to leveling.  I’ve got warlocks and shaman that need to hit 80.


6 Responses to “Back to WoW”

  1. Arioch Says:

    Go Arcane… it’s even better than fire now.

    But if you want to do fire and you want to do the scorch thing, make sure you’re glyphed for it. Get an add on to let you know when you’re got a Hot Streak proc. An add to remind you to reapply living bomb on the long fights is nice too.

    And remember that the hit requirements for fire are insane. If you’re not at hit cap or really damn close you will see a drop in DPS compared to frost.

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Well today I got up to 3800 DPS, I basically stopped trying to scorch during short fights, it worked much better. On bosses I’d do scorch weaving, that was it though. And my DPS went up much more! I am at hit cap so that isn’t a concern.

    I’ve got it set to let me know when Hot Streak is ready, it’s pretty nice. On trash with Living Bomb, I’m Hot Streaking all over the place! I don’t seem to have any mana issues with fire either, which is good. I was worried about it moving from my never ending mana pool in frost.

    • Light Says:

      You shouldn’t worry at all about mana as DPS… I’ve seen plenty of mages evocate during long fights in raids.

      In my guild the top two DPS are mages. One is fire, one is arcane. They both seem to hit 7k though I think the arcane one is slightly higher on the DPS chart. Insane XD

      • Troutwort Says:

        Yeah I was worried though as I think I had heard about mana being an issue, but I haven’t had any problems at all. It’s good times!

  3. repgrind Says:

    About time you played more! :p

    Trout did awesome in Ony! you saw how fast we killed her once they put you and me on her the whole fight. We make a good team 😀

    pics of the heroic-fest coming on my blog today. wait until you see the glowy-eyed shadow Elgar shot, it’s awesome /swoon

  4. Chain ‘Roics! « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] Elgar wanted to work on his Outland reputations on Saturday and wanted to run a string of old heroics. I was ready for a break from the frantic leveling, so Kalyon went along, figuring he could use the practice tanking. […]

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