Autumn Came, and Conquered.

Holy F.

I feel like someone decided it was time to crap on me.  After being sick in late September, then going through some crap at work, this week continued the trend with a confusing break-up, and the cherry on top is being rear-ended yesterday. 

Life has been less than generous to me, and as a result I haven’t really been in much of a mood to play WoW.  And even when I do it’s been less than fun.  Our guild generally was pretty drama free.  But now there’s all this hidden tension between players because of raiding.  We started raiding, but we don’t have enough for 25s, which is okay, our Vent only supports 15 right now anyways.  So I set up some 10s and a really skilled member of our guild has been setting up ToC raids with other players and some guildies, it’s working great.  At least, I thought it was.  But because our usualy raid group only has 10 people there’s not enough room for everyone.  We completed Naxx and went on to Ulduar.  I’ve been trying to set up a second raid night with different people so that everyone gets a chance, but finding a time and someone to lead that group has been a challenge.  Unfortunately, some of the more geared players who are currently doing 25-ToC have viewed the Naxx-10 and Ulduar as a waste of time.  The trials of being a guild leader have me worn pretty thin at the moment with all my other stuff going on.

Of course there are the people now that are upset that they don’t get to come with on the raids.  I’m trying as hard as I can to set up another group, but our shortage of willing tanks and healers again has us limited.  Trying to merge this extremely casual guild into one with a casual raid schedule has been a challenge.  Hopefully we’ll find a second time that will work and people will kinda start running it on their own.  It seems like these things shouldn’t be that hard to figure out…but oy!

As for other news, I haven’t been playing much, but I did my first arena matches last Saturday.  I had 0 resilience and died in every match.  Our team name of “Kill Priest First Please” seems to work…because I died first every time.  I’m still not sure what any of the arenas look like and I’m pretty sure for some time, until I get a PvP set I’ll be eating dirt.  Like this:


That's me dead, LOL.

So I have to give a shout out to the Jahafil and Karius for helping me and being patient with me.  I’m sorry I’m such a failpriest at arena.  😛


16 Responses to “Autumn Came, and Conquered.”

  1. Grubs Says:

    Yep…Karius and Jaha(or Roz and Fiak as I know them :P) are super cool at that. They let me be a fail DK in my first arenas. Don’t worry…it gets a lot more fun and easier!

  2. lagalot Says:

    There is no way to make everyone in a group of size happy. There’s nothing to do but qq or shrug it off. Both techniques are equally effective.

  3. repgrind Says:

    OMG I love the shot of poor Elgey dead on the arena floor. Trust me, I have 1000 shots of myself dead on the floor, way more than you do. Maybe tonight I’ll post me lying under Ony’s front claw after I got cleaved the other night. (Yes, I know ranged should never be close enough to get cleaved. /failmage)

    Anyways, you did AWESOME in EoTS the other night. You and I pretty much held that tower from multiple attacks with intermittent help. And I can’t speak for Jaha, although I suspect he feels the same, but I love having you on our team. 😀

  4. Light Says:

    There is no way to have progression raiders and casual raiders together in a guild and make them both happy. I had to leave the guild I was in because I wanted to progress and they didn’t. There’s always going to be some sort of inherent hostility on both sides.

    Honestly, it is a waste of time for someone with ToC 25 gear to go back and run Naxx/Uld 10 unless it is for hard modes and achievements. What might work is to have the ToC 25 geared people run Naxx/Uld with you on their alts.

    You can’t just ignore them, the problem will get bigger because the lesser geared people are going to end up wanting help from the higher geared people. These tend to be the tanks and the healers, they will get burned out having to run everything to gear up lagging DPS.

    • repgrind Says:

      I guess that all depends on how the player in question views the game. If they care about the people in their guild and truly enjoy playing with them, it doesn’t matter if they outgear the instance and ‘should’ be doing higher-level content. Having a good time with people you like playing with is never a ‘waste of time’.

      • Light Says:

        It’s more of an it depends kind of answer. Going through Naxx 25 a couple dozen times to drag up people when you want to move onto bigger things does breed resentment.

        This is what alts are for, however I am at the belief that gear or level appropriate for an instance is more fun than overpowering it for the 9000th time 🙂

    • kaif01 Says:

      I disagree with everything in this post. My enhance shaman is well geared and needs nothing from Naxx. It’s fun bringing guildies through Naxx for the first time for a couple of reasons.

      1) Naxx is kind of cool. I could probably do it blindfolded, but other than a couple of things (the tragically long wipe recovery on Thaddius, buggy MC boxes on Razuvious), it’s a great raid.

      2) It’s fun helping friends do something they haven’t done before. I’ve trained for races with people slower than me. I’ve worked in groups at school and at work where I was carried or I carried others. They were my friends, so it was fun.

      3) I want to progress, but I’d rather do it with my friends that I can make fun of for watching Murder She Wrote reruns than a bunch of 19 year old kids.

      Some of us are progression raiders. We have people in our guild that have done 25 ToC and 10 ToC hardmode. Some of us are casual raiders and still haven’t looked at the vids for Ulduar on tankspot (you know who you are. Go watch the freakin’ vids!). We have a couple players that will never raid. We have people doing arena with 1k resilience and furious/relentless gear and others doing it with zero resilience. On the same team.

      Why? Because we, for the most part, like each other and get along and want to see us all achieve things in game that we prioritize individually. But we have a bear tank with 50k hp helping out in Naxx and Ulduar (on a couple peoples’ first raid EVER). We have dps putting up 5k dps there. We also had people putting up 800 dps as they learned about hit caps and effective rotations.

      And while I’m a new member and am not going to speak for everyone, it’s because we’re friends and respect each other and like to play the same game. I’m as happy for our warlock hitting 2k dps for the first time as our shaman doing ToC hardmodes.

      Is there sometimes frustration? Sure. But that’s what happens when you get 50 people together in the same room no matter what.

      So, in conclusion, speak for yourself. I’m perfectly content on my 5-6k dps shaman to do Naxx with my friends (or even Borean Tundra group quests) while helping them get geared up. It’s not impossible. As a matter of fact, here at Crits, it’s encouraged.

      So there.

      • Light Says:


        In my past experience, the people who aren’t well geared are expecting you to carry them to their shiny new gear and never bother to learn how to play their class because… the higher geared people can just carry them.

        That isn’t friendship. It’s abuse.

        If you guys can make it work, more power to you. I just haven’t had the experience where it worked.

    • kaif01 Says:

      I can’t seem to reply to your most recent post, so I’ll reply here again. I’ll just say the following.

      I once read: “If you only play this game to gear yourself you are missing out on the bigger picture.”

      You know who said that? That’s right, you did.

      • repgrind Says:

        Hey! I AM watching Ulduar vids. Um, well, I mean .. I’m going to… in a few minutes, I swear!

      • Light Says:

        I’ll leave it at this:

        I don’t mind helping others. However, people have to respect each other and understand that if your friend is busy trying to run H ToC 10 right now he can’t run you through Naxx, nor should you keep poking him to do so.

        That isn’t friendship.

        I’ll help you when I have the time, ok? 🙂

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