It’s been a week (Part 2)…

It’s been a week since I last posted!!

I have been terribly busy at work with a hideous project, and I had company all weekend which meant that there was almost no WoW time.  However, there was still Tuesday night raid.  We continued from where we left off last week, which was having Military cleared (with an awesome one shot of 4 Horsemen) and 3/4 of Construct.  We started this week with Spider wing to “warm up” and then moved on to Construct to finish Thaddius, it took us two attempts, but still for the most challenging fight in there, I’d say getting him down on the second attempt is pretty damn awesome!!  We zipped through Plague Quarter really fast and a quick Battle Rez on me after having both healers wipe on the first dance (d’oh) we managed to pull it off.  Quite awesome.  It was then on to Sappharion?  Is that even right?  Anyways, the frosty bone dragon dude.  I think he only went into air phase 3 times and on our first attempt ever, we had him down!  There was much rejoicing.  After that it was on to KT.  We did surprisingly well on KT as well and one-shot him as well!  We lost our main tank sometime during the last 40% however, another quick battle rez and we were back in business.  It was an awesome recovery. 


We achievement spammed our guild and set up the raid time again for next week.  Since the group is pretty well geared and ready to go, we’re going to attempt to start with at least Flame Leviathan from Ulduar and we’ll see how much of that we get done before heading back into Naxx for more practice, clean up, and badges. 

It’s Wednesday, so not much game play again tonight, but after last night’s excitement in Naxx-10, I feel pretty good.

10 Responses to “It’s been a week (Part 2)…”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Sapphiron, close enough. Looking forward to beating on some more dragons tomorrow night! It’s been months since I’ve gotten to dodge flame walls.

    I still can’t believe we one-shotted KT. The wipes I’ve seen in there…last time I was there no one moved out of void zones, and the melee ice blocked the main tank every attempt. Of course, that was another server and a different faction. The guild has come so far so fast! You all are awesome. 😀

    Ok, off to write my own super-long photo-studded post. Boo @ your employer who won’t let you blog at work anymore.

  2. Light Says:

    Grats man!

  3. Eldadres Says:

    Flame Levi is pretty easy, decent gear helps, but it is certainly not needed. The whole fight is mainly about how you position yourselves, if interrupts are going out of Flame Vents, etc. etc.

    You guys could probably bag Razor Scale and XT too, maybe Kolagarn.

    Razor is pretty much a DPS race and a Healer-intense fight. Just have to conserve the mana.

    XT just tests your Ranged (*cough Roz cough*) to see if they can hit large bombs outside of the raid to blow up incoming ads. As well as your OT picking up adds and such.

    Kologarn, have the DPS hit the right arm and AoE adds. As well as staying out of lasers.

    You guys could probably snag those guys! But Flame Levi. for sure!

  4. repgrind Says:

    Sure Eld, pick on me. =P
    We only had one melee in the group, I won’t be alone on the ranged side of things there.
    Hm, I better study some though. I’ve been in Uld exactly once, and that was forever and a day ago. Two servers and two mains ago, even. o.O

  5. Troutwort Says:

    Thanks everyone! More to come from this humble guild I’m sure!

  6. kaif01 Says:

    “More to come from this humble guild I’m sure!”

    Humble? Speak for yourself! I’m awesome!

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