Another Weekend of Fishing

Alas, I was gone all weekend again fishing.  The Naxx-10 was supposed to continue on their progress on Friday, however it appears that not many people logged in and some of which are too geared for Naxx-10 anyways decided to head on over to 25-ToC with a PUG.  Apparently the Friday night 25 ToC is going to be a more regular thing so we’re going to leave Friday raid free for now and just do hopefully a quick OS this week on Thursday instead and then hopefully next week have an attempt at Onyxia-10.  I’m not sure where Onyxia falls into “progression” though.

We are going to attempt the military wing this week though instead of just doing the two “easier” wings.  Hopefully we’ll get some experience on the 4 horsemen and even get them down. 

Unfortunately, being gone fishing for the weekend means that I don’t get much play time.  I have transferred Kittykat over to my own account and have been leveling her, mostly for the DE materials from the quests.  But I had forgotten just how much fun a Demonology Warlock is, she hacks and slashes through everything!  It’s pretty awesome.  She’ll only be Kittykat for a little while longer.  After this Friday’s paycheck she’ll get a gender and name change and will become something a little more male and a lot less ‘kat’.

The fishing trip was a success though, and probably the last of the season.  Wisconsin is chilling down now, and the fish are readying themselves for winter and lake turnover.  Fall colors were not quite in yet, only some of the maples, the oaks, birch and others will come in a few weeks no doubt.

Here’s a picture from a couple years ago:


Click to enlarge!


4 Responses to “Another Weekend of Fishing”

  1. lagalot Says:

    Well, ony has no enrage timer. It drops 232 loot in 10man, same as toc10, but it’s a lot easier than toc10. It does large damage to the tanks, none at all (? or some puny amount) to the raid with good positioning. It’s an endurance fight. I think it’s worth a shot, but you should talk to Bluck about it first.

  2. Syrana Says:

    Where in Wisconsin did you go? Just curious… since it’s where I’m from. 🙂

    • Troutwort Says:

      Since you’re from Wisconsin, you’ve probably heard of Minocqua, it’s about 20 miles north of that. So, the middle of no where, but it’s beautiful.

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