Under the Weather

Having been sick most of this week, between naps and coughing bouts I was able to get in some decent play time.  mostly just heroics and such, but got some really nice upgrades for Schubert the mage from H ToC.

I have two accounts, I opened the second one for the kid I volunteer with, but since he’s lost interest in the game and so has my friend who would sometimes play her warlock, Kittykat, I have decided that it’s not worth it to keep paying for two accounts.  Fortunately though, since I own both accounts I can transfer characters over from that account to the active one and save anyone from suspension that is worth it.  Kittykat and Floy, the gnome DK, are the only ones worth it and that’s simple from a combination of level and professions.  Kittykat has like 432 enchanting and is my personal supply of infinite dust for tailoring.  So I wasn’t going to give that up easy, and Floy has 330+ blacksmithing and again, I didn’t want to go through 330 levels of blacksmithing all over again.

Floy is kinda a cool name for a pink haired DK gnome.  But Kittykat…oy, that name almost makes my skin crawl.  So I’ll be changing her into a dude and renaming her sometime in the near future.  I did have extra Stone Keeper Shards too so I was able to get her the shoulders for leveling, that will help her cruise through Northrend…when I get around to her.

I have been focusing more on Borka the shaman though and got him Tome of Cold Weather Flying thanks to extra cash Elgar has been making transmuting epic gems for sale.  So he’ll hopefully hit 75 soon.

The big news is that we attempted more of Naxx last night.  It was a bit of a challenge as we had already cleared the “easy” parts.  We left off last having killed Patchwerk and so we continued with that wing.  I can’t tell you the names of the bosses, I think Grobbulus and Gluth?  Well we had about 3 attempts on Grobbulus which were all wipes, the first attempt we got him to about 50% and was mostly learning about where to go, etc.  The next got him to about 300k.  And the last time he had 30k when he hit the enrage timer.  Boo.  We did get him down and it we saw the guild getting a better and better idea of where to run and drop their green poo.  The light bulbs were finally kicking on.

Gluth took just two attempts, the first attempt didn’t go so great as the adds being kited around the back was…a challenge.  We didn’t have the right classes with us to do it.  So we had a few people witch up characters and we made sure people understood the importance of the AOE on the adds.  We almost did him flawlessly the second time.  Elgar got to go DPS that time and pulled in about 2100 DPS as shadow!!  I was pretty happy with that.

Thaddius proved too much, but we only attempted once, we didn’t make it to him as we wiped on the platforms first, it’s okay, maybe next time.  We ran out of time then and our MT wanted to snag a spot in a 25-TOC while they still needed a tank.  I’m not sure how they did in there…I know he’s more than ready to be in there though.

After that I spent some time with a few players helping them work on spec, rotation etc so that they can start pulling more DPS during boss fights.  Emphasizing the importance of hit rating was critical and I sent them over to some websites to help.  One person increased her DPS by 400 with just a change in talents and rotation of spells.  It was cool to see, she was totally pumped too and was really laying into the target dummy in Ironforge.

Well, I’m off to Iowa for a wedding this weekend.  Wish me luck in all the corn.


4 Responses to “Under the Weather”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Back home in Nebraska, we called Iowans Idiots Out Wandering Around. 😉
    Hope you have fun and glad you feel better. If you felt half as bad as I do today…oy.

  2. Eldadres Says:

    There’s definitely something going around.

    And Shadow, can pull so much damage, especially on AoE’s, I swear Mind Sear is one of the best AoE moves out there.

    The memories, when I was forced to play shadow with the best guild I’ve ever been with… 😦

    • Troutwort Says:

      The greatest thing about Mind Sear is that it follows your target, so unlike Blizzard, Rain of Fire, Volley, etc, it moves with them, this adds to it’s awesomeness.

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