Our First Naxx 10

Last night our guild did it’s first guild only Naxx-10 attempt.  We had some that were over-geared for it, and some that were under-geared for it.  But in the end everyone walked away an improved player.  And I think nearly everyone who could still get upgrades from Naxx-10 got at least one epic.  It was great.  And we only had a full wipe ONCE in the entire raid.

I have to give props out to our two tanks who did marvelous and all our healers.  But what I wanted to comment most on is that our DPS classes, even though some were not very well geared did a fantastic job.  Perhaps their DPS wasn’t very high, but they focused on the correct targets, moved when they were supposed to, and didn’t stand in fire.  For a group of DPS people that most of which had never been on a raid in their life, they did awesome.  We will have some tweeking to do to a few specs and spell rotations, some gear to get people more towards the hit cap, but that’s okay.  All things in good time. 

For our first all guild run of Naxx-10, I was quite impressed with how much we were able to accomplish as well.  We knocked out the spider wing, the plague wing, and Patchwerk before we ran out of time.  We’ll pick up where we left off later this week.  Whether or not we finish Naxx-10 and actually kill KT doesn’t matter to me.  This raid has been awesomely successful and I look forward to more with this group. 

For our very casual leveling and heroics guild this is quite an accomplishment.  Great job everyone!


7 Responses to “Our First Naxx 10”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Dude … getting people to dps the correct target, not stand in the fire, etc …. that is the hard part! If they’ve got those abilities, you’re golden. DPS can always be improved with gear, talent spec tweaks, and adjustments to shot/spell priority.

    Listening in on vent was awesome. I hope no one minded!

    Only 20 levels to go! Give me a couple weeks or so, and maybe I can be right there with you all. =D

  2. For The Pie Says:


    That first raid is scary! Until you realize at it’s very core, it’s just like you’ve been doing for 80 levels..only with 9 of your friends.

  3. Light Says:

    Congrats on your first raid! Welcome to raiding! Hopefully you continue to like it. There’s nothing quite like it in the game.

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