Something Weird Happened…

This weekend something happened to Elgar that has never happened before…

But first! It was a party! On Saturday afternoon my good friend, Falahla the frost mage, came over to WoW it up LAN style. My roommate was also home on her retribution paladin, Theanna. So there we were, a mage, a paladin, and a priest. Ready for action!

Falahla has been working on completing the classic dungeonmaster achievement so we agreed to help her get to Ragefire chasm and also complete the achievement as well. We figured while we were heading that way we should pick up the achievement for Fishing Diplomat. Of course we don’t have horde characters that knew Origrimmar by any means. So I hopped over on my Tauren death knight to scout out the city and the best way in and out. Then I showed them the way we’d be heading so they would be familiar. We hopped on our alliance toons, partied up and headed over there. Then, we made a run for it. We headed in the side door and right to the fishing pond, we already had our poles equipped. We had to quickly kill one non-elite 75 grunt that followed us. Then we fished up “something” as the achievement requires.

There was lots of panic and ‘possible’ screaming as we saw Horde members running around and what seemed to be nearing on us, but they weren’t level 80 but still it caused panic. We mounted up again and ran for Ragefire chasm. It took us about 5 minutes in that place to run in and find the boss. It was really a short dungeon. Then we sat there for awhile trying to figure out what to do next. We decided to head to Shattrath and then on to Serpentshrine Cavern so we could fish up the Lurker Below. A quick check on the fishing skill requirement and we were on the way. Thanks to levitate we were able to avoid all trash and run right to his spawn spot. We fished him up one by one. We then headed into Heroic Steamvaults for the achievement. Ret pallies can tank!

After all that screwing around we headed back to Northrend and powered through all but 5 heroics. It was awesome!! We met some really great people and had a blast with like a million achievements. Theanna also got some great gear improvements and picked up some for healing as well, should she ever venture to the ‘light’.

Sunday was full of puttering around and Theanna and I started and finished up the Sons of Hodir questline to the point where we can do the dailies. It paid out some serious cash. Now I’ll have to do it on my other toons. After that I did the unthinkable with Elgar.

Elgar Shadow

Yes that’s right folks. Your eyes do not deceive you. That is dark, shadow Elgar. I had been collecting some +hit gear over the dungeons, mostly when it was either I take it or shard and finally forked over the grand to get dual spec. If it means I don’t have to struggle with smiting during questing, it’s totally worth it. And so I glyph up, gear up, etc. And I’m on my way. I head down to Crystalsong Forest and target one of the wolf things. Get this. I killed it BEFORE it reached me!!! Elgar is amazing!! Even wearing mostly healing gear he still killed so fast! I let the guild know that now that I’ve gone to the dark side, I might never come back.

I did a heroic VH as well. I wasn’t that great on trash (boo DoTs), but on the bosses I was pulling about 2k DPS. I was quite impressed with myself! Not bad for a first timer who’s still figuring it all out. More fanciness tonight, questing and dungeons to get more badges. Watch out though…there’s a new shadowpriest in town and he’s thirsting for blood!


3 Responses to “Something Weird Happened…”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Ooh, sexy! And you stole another one of my mounts, eh?

    Killing stuff before it gets to you .. now you know why I’m so addicted to my mages.

  2. Light Says:

    Hey congrats on dual spec! You look great on that mount. 🙂

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