Looking Good

Tabards.  Okay, so the last post was all about how Elgar finally reached exalted with all the factions that he wore tabards for to get rep from the dungeons and heroics.  Finally.  And I commented that finally I didn’t have to wear ugly tabards anymore.  That’s right, no more ugliness.  But not all of the tabards are that bad, and frankly, on spell casters that have robe type garments only the top of the tabard shows, leaving you looking at, well awkwardness.  If Blizz could figure out a way to lay the bottom half of my tabard over the robe, I’m sure tabards in general would look better on those who wear robes.

At any rate, there are some tabards that I would gladly wear, and some that just look awesome.  Now, over the course of the game I’ve acquired a few of these tabards.  Some I could have acquired but never did because frankly…ugly.  Seriously. 

So in this post, I’m going to review my favorite of the tabards and my least favorite of the tabards that I have acquired on any of my characters…are you ready for this?  Let’s begin with the bad:

Bad:  Kirin Tor, Sha’Tar, Ebon Blade, Consortium, Kurenai, Skyguard, Lower City, Aldor, Wyrmrest Accord.  I think that it is that I don’t like about these are the horrible color combinations.  Orange and turquoise?  Really?

Pictured left to right:  Sha’tar, Ebon Blade, Wyrmrest Accord, and Skyguard

Good:  Argent Crusade, Argent Dawn, Shattered Sun, Competitor’s, Cenarion Expedition, Tabard of Flame, Sporeggar, Frostwolf, Honor Hold, Silverwing.  These are some of my favorites and given the chance my characters will have one of these on.

Pictured left to right: Argent Crusade, Competitor’s, Cenarion Expedition, Sporeggar

Meh:  Explorer, Summer Flames, Scarlet Crusade, Tabard of the Hand, Scryers, Summer Skies.  None of these tabards are anything special.  They aren’t cool looking, but they aren’t hideous.  I’d wear them, until something better came along.

Pictured left to right: Explorer, Summer Flame, Scarlet Crusade, Scryers

Okay, so clearly there are for more tabards than these out there.  There are the tabards from the trading card game and those tabards that are gained from completing those ridiculous achievements.  I’ll probably never see those on any of my characters, but of all the tabards that I have seen and of those I’ve worn, if I had to pick a single tabard that I liked the most for any of my characters, it would be the Cenarion Expedition tabard.  Troutwort looks so awesome in this one, it’s his tabard of choice.  After he earned the title and got his hippogryph, he wore that tabard everywhere.  He’ll continue to do so after he finishes his Northrend reputations as well—maybe sooner, he doesn’t need some of those reputations for anything…

For complete images of all tabards and the source of the above images, please visit http://www.wowwiki.com/Tabard

And at the request of Repgrind, here’s the <Crits and Giggles> guild tabard:

Crits Tabard


13 Responses to “Looking Good”

  1. repgrind Says:

    I don’t like to wear any of them with a robe…usually.
    Katia doesn’t wear one because … well actually, now that she’s in Northrend gear that covers her whole body like armor should, maybe she’ll put one on.
    What about the guild tabard? It looks pretty awesome.

  2. Light Says:

    I need a new tabard, but I dislike wearing them with a kilt because it removes the bottom half.

    My personal favourite is the SSO tabard. I have to grind that rep sometime 😦

  3. Eldadres Says:

    I generally pick the tabard based upon the colors of my gear, like Elnoriah uses the Sen’jin tabard because it matches his hair/gear. Eldadres uses the SSO tabard because it matches his T8 gear of awesome.

  4. Syrana Says:

    I don’t have many tabards because they don’t go well with robes, unfortunately. There are a few I don’t mind wearing here and there, but most of ’em are… bleh.

    The world explorer tabard (that you really get for exploring all of Northrend)… Ug-ley. 😦

  5. gnomeaggedon Says:

    Love the guild tabard… pure win!

  6. lagalot Says:

    All my stuff looks best with no tabard, but I wind up with the Argent Crusader (not crusade, there’s a ‘r’ at the end) tabard for the 30min onuse: teleport to argent tourny grounds. Tourny grounds are such a popular place to be nowdays.

  7. theerivs Says:

    Tabards with robes suck….

    Your guild tabard looks good.

  8. Troutwort Says:

    Thanks for the compliments on our guild tabard! We like it!

  9. kaif01 Says:

    My favorite is the Scarlet Crusade. I’ve always liked that one.

  10. repgrind Says:

    You know, Roz wore his Scarlet Crusade one for quite awhile when he had a tunic instead of a robe. I’ve always liked it too. But now his robes are always purply coloured and the red just kinda … doesn’t go so well.

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