No More Ugly Tabards

Finally…Elgar doesn’t have to wear ugly tabards anymore.  The Argent Crusade tabard wasn’t that bad, but the rest…ugh.  His last one was the Ebon Blade, that one was the worst, now I can wear the tabard of my choice, or none at all.  This makes me so happy.


9 Responses to “No More Ugly Tabards”

  1. theerivs Says:

    Congo Rats…Actually Argent Crusafe doesn’t look have bad.

    My favorite I think is scryer though

  2. Eldadres Says:

    Nice job, now you get to do it on the rest of your toons!

  3. repgrind Says:

    Oooh, that was evil, Eld. Now I’m thinking about all the grinds Karius is gonna have to do … Sons of Hodir ahmahgawd … it’s not too late to make him a Scribe, right? >.>

    • Troutwort Says:

      I’ve barely finished the questline for Sons of Suck as I now call them. I’m just glad I did all the Scryers/Aldor rep back in the day so I could get their shoulder enchants…good enough in my book!!

  4. repgrind Says:

    I made Roz a scribe specifically so I wouldn’t have to do it. heck, I’m not even exalted with them on ANY toon … Juna has only made revered, enough for her lovely Ice Mammoth. but do I really want both of my mages to be scribes? Meh … I’ll worry about it later. He’s got 30 levels to go. Best to spend those 30 levels making money off the skinning. He can always powerlevel a crafting prof later.

  5. smart001 Says:

    congratulations, i only have KotEB left. I think their tabbard is the best looking though.

  6. For The Pie Says:

    Funny thing is, I still do the Hodir Dailies.

    Well the 4 I like. I do the Anvil, Horn, Helm and Feeding the Giant quests. They are quick and an easy 50 gold plus drops. Plus I pickup 5-6 relics for Cowbell to do one day. On Halk, I farm the two Mammoth groups for meat and leather.

    I did the spear once…successfully and then I never did it again. I hate the wolf one, but I do it when grinding rep, but both my 80’s are exalted with them.

    yes, I’ve done the grind twice and about to start on my third grind.

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