Paladin Buffs

Paladins, I have a question.  Is it hard to figure out which classes would like which of your magical buffs?  After my priest had the following scenario last night, I was wondering this and was all angry and going to write up a learn2play post, but instead have decided to post perhaps a guide on who wants which buffs, and in which order.  Well at least if I was a paladin which order I’d give the buffs.  I’m no expert on all the classes, but hey, at least my guide won’t have you giving might to a priest.


WTF, I'm a priest and you gave me Might?!?

 Okay, first let’s review which buffs are available:

  • Blessing of Kings – Grants 10% bonus to all primary stats (i.e. strength, stamina, intellect, etc.).
  • Blessing of Wisdom – Grants XX mana per 5 seconds.
  • Blessing of Might – Grants XX attack power.
  • Blessing of Sanctuary – Reduces all damage taken by 3% and increases stamina by 10%.  Also when the target blocks, parries, or dodges a melee attack they gain 2% of maximum displayed mana.

Okay, so now that we’ve reviewed the blessings at hand, let’s talk about what this means and how we should use them.  Oh incase you didn’t figure out the XX is a variable depending on the rank of the blessing.  Most blessings last for 10 minutes, the greater blessings last for 30. 

In order to assist you I have made a handy chart, feel free to print this and keep it next to your computer.  This is how I see it.  Of course I may stand to be corrected, but of the classes I’ve played, which is nearly all of them, this is what I would think.   Please feel free to comment on anything you think is more important.  This chart is applicable for 5-man dungeons.

Pally FlowSuccess?  I hope so.  At least maybe I won’t get Might anymore?

12 Responses to “Paladin Buffs”

  1. Oppenheimer Says:

    I direct you to for any questions on the use of this diagram.

  2. For The Pie Says:

    I’ll give you might and you’ll like it!

  3. Light Says:

    Paladin buffs are stupid. They are per class. Now I don’t know why they would ever put might on a priest, but I get might all the time in 25 mans… and I am resto/elemental.

    PS: elemental shamans don’t need wisdom. Please don’t give it to me.


  4. For the Pie Says:

    New Rule:

    Everyone gets Sanctuary until they prove they won’t stand IN THE FIRE!

    • Eldadres Says:

      For Reals! Bastards wiping my Koralon runs!

      If you are going to die, die after the loot is distributed. To me of course, we all know the only drops are DK ones. (At least the ones that matter)

      • Troutwort Says:

        It’s always hilarious when people die after the fights. Um, the poison cloud is still there, and you’re still taking damage…then they are like “how’d I die?!?”

        Seriously. This is why everyone should play a healer, at least for a little bit, you have much more appreciation for them and pay way more attention to what you’re doing during a fight.

  5. smart001 Says:

    I love your chart…too bad nobody is going to use it. Well I guess only non-pallys will use it.

    • Troutwort Says:

      You know what’s funny Smart001? I did a naxx10 run the other night and the paladin, who was a tank, gave me Blessing of Sanctuary!! I just about died. I should have screenshotted it. I then asked for wisdom instead (we had no replenishment classes) and he called me picky. Oy.

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