Loot Manners

I’ve been doing way more dungeons than I usually do lately.  The temptation of all the new badge loot is too delicious.  I’ve also been trying to get the little gnome man up in gear as well and Troutwort has seen some improvements from gear as well.  But with so many level 80s it’s all a little scattered at the moment.

Anyways, back to my point.  So I’ve been running the 5-mans with guild members as I can, however I to still end up with PuGs on some things.  It’s good times, usually.  But what I wanted to talk about was loot during these 5-mans. 

Most people running the heroic daily are more interested in the badges than they are in the actual dungeon loot, it’s understandable, and in some cases, like Trout and Elgar, this holds true for me too.  We usually ask for a DE in the group, but there don’t seem to be many around so we just greed on the blue item boss drops and lucky person will vendor it up.  Good times.  So as I mentioned most people aren’t after anything that can drop from the heroic other than the badges.  But sometimes we get some lucky drops, the BoE items that are blue.  I find it respectful to have everyone greed on it since it can be sold.  Usually not much, but every bit helps.  So I’m running in a group and some plate chestpiece drops, BoE blue.  Everyone greeds, except one guy, he needs it.  I quickly inspect him to toss out a “congrats” if it’s an upgrade.  He’s wearing a tier piece for his chest.  So this level 78 blue is clearly not an upgrade.  I ask in party “You needed that over your [T7, 8, or 9] piece?”  He /slap and then /rude me and says he needed it for his alt.  I then say “Oh because you’re the only one with alts?”  He /spits on me.

Now I know, it’s blue gear, so I let it go after that.  It wasn’t really anything I could use, but I know there are guild members that could have used it.  But I added the dude to my ignore list, he was the first.  I just have no tolerance for that kind of selfishness, if he had asked if he could need it for his alt prior, I probably would have been cool with it, but it’s the whole “take without asking rudeness” and that someone would think that is acceptable behavior that bugs me. 

A guild member also told me of an incident where enchanters were needing all the green items in her instance do DE them for themselves.  Again there was no, “can I have the green items because I’m leveling up my enchanting?” so I find it a bit rude that the person should think they get loot priority on the greens because they can disenchant them without asking.  It’s all trivial I’m sure, I wouldn’t have cared too much if they asked, though would have encouraged just using a group loot system.  I don’t expect enchanters to share anything they disenchant, but I do think that looting on BoE should be open to everyone in the party, not limited to people with alts or people who can disenchant.  For BoP I would much rather have the item go to someone that could use it, this encludes enchanters, they get more from the shard than I will.  (This paragraph has been edited as prior piss poor writing lead to some confusion).

These are rare occasions, most times everyone passes on the loot and people are like, someone just pick it up, no one cares.

Miss Manners, over and out.


9 Responses to “Loot Manners”

  1. Light Says:

    I’ve had people need on the frozen orb before in heroics. That’s always interesting.

    When I run 5 mans I put the loot on rare. Greens that you find you keep. For me I find it rude to ask enchanters for their DEed stuff unless they are offering. Do you ask the skinners for the skins and the miners for the minerals? I don’t tell people that I can DE on my priest because it wouldn’t occur to them to give up their other materials.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Oh I never ask for them, but if they can DE it I’d rather have them keep it and shard it into something useful. If they choose to offer it to us at the end that’s their choice, but if they kept it I’d be fine with that. More often than not if I win I whisper them and say, I roll for the enchanter, keep mine for yourself. You only have to level enchanting once to know how much it sucks.

    • Troutwort Says:

      When I go back and read that that did come across a little weird. I might need to re-write that, I guess I thought it was rude they would think they got priority over loot drops. That’s all. Not that I find it rude they don’t share their disenchantable items.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Wow. No one else in that group backed you up on that? If I was the party leader, I would have kicked the guy for being an asshat right then and there. In fact, he’s lucky I wasn’t in that group with you, even if I *wasn’t* the party leader! He’d have sure as heck gotten a piece of MY mind.

  3. kaif01 Says:

    If you’re on your healer – say – “I’m leaving since is an asshat. Or, you can kick him and I’ll stay.

    You will win.

    That’s the nice part about being a healer. They need you. If they don’t want you, someone else does. Especially since (and I’ve just heard rumors) you’re supposedly moderately competent! Heck, I get invites back and I’m usually healing one hand while eating soup with the other!

    I just don’t stand for that kind of thing. Needing for alts is completely inexcusable. Even though most of the stuff is worth 20g, it’s just so easy to roll /greed and then /w “Can I buy that from you for 30g?” and carry on without being an asshat.

  4. For The Pie Says:

    Yeah yeah, enough of your silly loot squabbles. Faction change now live.

    So…got room in that guild for more?

    /cackle madly

  5. Tamarind Says:

    God, that’s incredibly rude, in every conceivable way – I’m kind of astonished that the rest of the group just stood there and let him do that, I would probably have flounced right out of there.

    I’m an enchanter but even when I was levelling it I never needed on drops I wasn’t going to slap onto a body part because it was an upgrade. I’ve run with enchanters before who have insisted on receiving all un-needed loot simply because they’re enchanters and it’s really annoying. I know vendors are only going to give you a handful of gold for green or blue drops but that’s a handful of gold you’re entitled to have a shot at getting.

    I usually alert people that I’m needing something, just on principle. And if it’s for an alt or an off-spec I ask as well if I can roll on it, only if nobody else wants it for their current build – and even so I expect a roll-off for the piece, not for everybody else to politely bow down to the tyranny of my off-spec.

    M’Pocket Tank got into a horrible circular conversation during a PUG the other day. I was healing, she was DPS-ing in her off-spec and one of the DPS piped up: “I need any tank gear that drops.”

    And I said something like “Um, no, the person tanking this instance gets first dibs on any tank gear that drops. If she doesn’t want it, you can roll need. I’m afraid that’s just good manners.”

    And the tank said: “I’m mainly in it for the badges so unless a major upgrade drops I’m good.”

    And then M’Pocket Tank said: “If something drops and you don’t want it, I’m afraid I’m going to be rolling on it as well.”

    And the DPS cried plaintively: “But I’m a tank.”

    And M’Pocket Tank said: “So I am.”

    And the DPs wailed: “But I need the gear!”

    And M’Pocket Tank said: “So do I!”

    I have a feeling that could have gone for ever but the DPS just couldn’t seem to get his round the idea that other people playing the game exist and have needs of their own beyond supporting his needs. Gah!

    Sorry, this is an epic comment of epic. I blame the verdana font. It’s very addictive and it lulls the eyes.

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