Progress Check

September already?!?!

Back in July I made a post where I outlined some of the goals I have for myself and my characters.  Here’s a review:

  • Troutwort (80 hunter) – finish leveling up the wolf pet to 80.  Spend some time skinning and attempt to sell some crafted items.
  • Elgar (80 priest) – work towards novelty Argent Tourney pet.  Join a 10 man Naxx for the whole time.
  • Schubert (75 mage) – get to 76, head to Sholazar, mine like a crazy man and make enough cash to buy cold-weather flying at 77.  Schubert is poor.
  • Borka (71 shaman) – get to 72, get some better weapons.
  • Sibelius (66 druid) – try to get to 68 to head to Northrend, most likely via finding a group that wants to run Outland dungeons–it’s hard to kill things as resto.
  • Kalinnikov (40 paladin) – convince people to run me through some instances–hehe.  Work towards 44, he wants his hammer.
  • Teufel (29 warlock – horde) – spend some time on Dawnbringer and reach 30 so he can get his mount.
  • Floy (65 death knight) – spend a couple hours mining and working on blacksmithing.  Get to 68 to head to Northrend, eventually.

I thought it would be a good time to check in on where I’m at with things and see what new goals I might have. 

  • Troutwort – he did get the wolf leveled up to 80 and is 449/450 for his LW.  He’s been crafting things for guildmates and such.  It’s been really great.  In fact he has been kicking some butt all over the place.  He has not been selling his LW products though.  I just haven’t spent the time to skin enough.  He did however complete the Sons of Hodir questline, which is something I was loathing.
  • Elgar – He hasn’t gotten a tourney pet nor has he completed Naxx 10.  But he did go on a OS raid and has actually been doing really well gearing himself. 
  • Schubert – He did go to Scholazar and has actually been mining up a storm!  His DPS has really picked up and now even though he’s frost he can still hold his own.  He was able to get epic flying and craft his magic carpet. 
  • Borka – He made it to 72.  His inscription has also been leveling and he’s discovering some better glyphs.  It’s a good thing.  But he hasn’t seen much love since Schubert hit 80.
  • Sibelius – He actually hit 70 already as noted in yesterdays post.  He’s doing well but probably will hang out at 70 for some time or just be used to help heal UK and Nexus.  He now has the heirloom shoulders and chestpiece too.
  • Kalinnikov – Got up to 42 and is resting at the moment.
  • Teufel – Hit 30 and is resting.
  • Floy – She’s always been last priority, but Schubert sent her a ton of ore and she’s been working slowly on her BS, it would be nice to have a blacksmith at higher level, but damn, that profession sure does eat up the ore…and fast!

So that’s where they have been – it actually doesn’t seem like all that much since July.  😦  But there’s always something to do.  So what’s next?

  • Troutwort, Elgar, and Schubert – keep getting more gear as possible through the badges and heroics, the new ToC instance as well.  There is great stuff.  Elgar to possibly think about dual spec for shadow?!?!  We’ll see.  😉
  • Sibelius and Borka – one of these two will probably become priority for leveling once I am satisfied with the other three.  I doubt it will be long before I start the Northrend grind again on Borka, I’m betting it will be Borka next.  Possibly dual spec for Sibelius to help him level faster, that or cold-weather flying.
  • Kalinnikov and Teufel – sadly these two probably won’t see too much love.  So I suspend any goals or plans with them.
  • Floy – when Schubert is bored I’ll keep getting more ore for Floy.  Her profession is actually her biggest attraction.  Then I suppose I’ll actually have to work on getting her to 68 as well.  Fortunately, Outlands is really fast now.
  • NEW!  Kittykat – though technically not my character, it might be time to focus on her a little bit as well.  She does enchanting and is at 430 or so now.  Moving her up the ladder would help that skill out and provide her with things to work on.  She might move up in the queue as well.  That or I need to convince her creator to actually pick up the game again. 

So all that said, you might see some more upcoming posts about Shaman or Druids as they will most likely be my next characters to level up.  I definitely want to have them both hit 80 before the next XPac, and while that may be over a year away look how long it took me to get any of my 5 level 70s up to 80.  Trout didn’t hit until April.  Now yes, granted I did level a druid and a shaman to 60 in that time, but still.  I’d like to have Borka, Sibelius, and Kittykat all to 80 by the next Xpac, and I’d like to have Floy to at least 70 by then.  I like to leave on dangling behind, that way for the first month or two when every zone is lagtastic and over populated I will have something else to do.  Besides moving through a zone later usually means less competition for herbs and ore.

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10 Responses to “Progress Check”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Sorry, I didn’t read anything past Elgar thinking about shadow.
    *goes off in search of clean underwear*

    disc is still hotter though :p

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yes yes, Elgar has only ever healed. But I have read that Disc and Shadow are actually more related than Disc and Holy as far as gear and such. So I might be able to do a dual spec and do okay. But we’ll see. It’s fun to think about, I might really like it too, and if nothing else at least it would really help on dailies.

      • kaif01 Says:

        You know, I read this on the wow mbs the other day. It’s completely false. Shadow needs hit. Disc/holy don’t.

        I can heal holy in my disc gear and disc in my holy gear, and while it might not be the most effective thing in the world, it’ll get the job done. But if I tried to dps (raid) in my disc or holy gear, it would be a disaster. Not enough hit.

        Now, if you just want to pve solo crap, you can go shadow with any set of random spell power gear and kill stuff – heck, lvl 80 mobs doing dailies have 12k hp, they die if you look at them all mean like.

        But I don’t agree with the “disc gear matches up with shadow better than holy” thing at all.

      • Troutwort Says:

        Yes, I understand that Shadow will need hit, but I think what they are saying is that lots of the gear or trinkets or whatever can be kept. And the lines fall maybe more along the fact that they don’t need the spirit like Holy does. Disc doesn’t get much bonus from spirit, from my understanding, neither does Shadow. Reaching the hit cap does require quite a bit, but being a shadow priest, at least it will be 3% lower than some of the other classes. I think the point is that to make the jump to Shadow from disc you can keep lots of your gear. Now I’m sure the same is for Holy, but I think they were looking at things like Spirit, crit chance, haste, etc. At least that is how I understand it.

  2. theerivs Says:

    Little tip on the mage, if he’s frost try to stack haste as well, helps ALOT!

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yeah, I’ve been trying to trade the crit for haste on any gear that I can, though I seem to have trouble finding items that have hit and haste together. :/ Since the crit comes naturally for the frost mage, having haste is great. I’ve been trying to break 2 second FB.

  3. lagalot Says:

    Well you can get Elgar through a full naxx10 easy enough now; just schedule it for a fri/sat. Bonus points if you can pull it off without any pickup tanks or healers.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I’m trying!! I’ll probably put one on the calendar for this weekend though I won’t be in town, hopefully there will be enough people. We’re kinda at the awkward stage though where there are two many people for a 10-man, but not enough for a 25-man. Future weekends might see two groups and have people sign up for one or the other.

  4. repgrind Says:

    Out of town again? Where can I get a vacation schedule like yours? :p

    • Troutwort Says:

      It’s not a vacation schedule, it’s more of the weekend warrior schedule. Leave Friday after work and return on Sunday evenings. This time I fly back in on Tuesday morning at 7:30am…yeah, then head right to work. Trying to make the most of any time I can.

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