Busy busy busy…

This post is gonna be all over the place…because it was that kind of WoW weekend.  I did so much, maybe too much?  Never.

It all started on Friday.  I woke up feeling pretty miserable.  Allergies or some other type of congestion and head pain left me feeling incapable.  My head felt like it weighed about a ton.  Fortunately I was able to get some drugs in me and feeling more like myself by the end of the day.  But the extra day off of work left me with a day to burn on WoW next to a box of Kleenex.  Left with nothing in particular to do, I hopped on Schubert and decided to do some mining, but not in Northrend, but in Outlands, the forgotten DK, Floy, could use lots of ore for leveling BS.  But after checking his funds I realized that he would have enough for the epic flying mount and Schuberts little feet carried him all the way to the AH where he picked up the remaining materials to make the speedy flying carpet.  Then off to Honor Hold to learn epic flying and start mining.  The mining didn’t last that long before he got summoned into normal ToC.  But prior to that he earned a handful of achievements as well as mined up about 140 Fel Iron and 60 Adamantium.  A good showing. 


Friday night we had our first raid with the guild.  We had 9/10 from the guild and picked up one stray OP DPS to help us out.  It was Obsidian Sanctum with NO drakes up.  We have very new raiders and we need to get them used to trying out some basic raiding before we toss them to the wolves, aka Naxx.  Several of the guild members did do a Naxx run the next night though, they cleared 2 wings as far as I know.  Hopefully next time we can get more involved.  Anyways, back to OS.  I had never been there on any of my toons before and as people are talking about the waves of lava I’m getting really nervous as I can’t seem to imagine how this is going to work.  I first envisioned giant lava waves with holes in them that we’d have to stand in.  But it wasn’t like that at all, and the waves moved much slower than I thought.  I think nearly all of us got hit in the first wave, but then figured it out.  We only lost one person.  The loot was less than spectacular, but someone got some T7 gloves.  We finished him in one attempt, thanks again to Nobishu who totally made it possible with his leet damage.  Crits and Giggles thanks him. 

Elgar OS

Saturday I did my first Heroic ToC on Elgar and though I was worried by tank health of around 30k (I’m used to seeing tanks with 35k+, yeah, I’m spoiled) we finished it marvelously.  I’m beginning to see the best way to heal AOE through the final stage of the Black Knight.  What I’ve figured is to bubble up early during his “I don’t need bones” crap and put out Prayer of Mending to bounce around, then after the fight starts I pop my Inner Focus followed by Divine Hymn, this usually procs lots of Divine Aegis on some of the members due to +25% crit from Inner Focus.  After Divine Hymn, I use Power Infusion on myself for the haste and just start spamming Prayer of Healing, which has awesome effect because of the left over bonus healing (8 seconds or so) from the Divine Hymn and due to the 20% haste from the Power Infusion and the 20% reduced spell cost I can just keep cranking them out until the Black Knight is no more.  Usually we finish him off in that final phase before I go OOM or usually even before the 15 seconds of Power Infusion wears off.  Elgar usually feels exhausted after that (no pun intended, but this whole plan works even better with heroism).  It’s the only time I feel powerful with AOE though, but it blows everything I’ve got and works well because I don’t have to move at all. 

Saturday afternoon my co-worker came over and we WoW’ed it on LAN party style.  My roommate hopped on Kittykat the Warlock, I was on Sibelius, and my co-worker on her Rogue, Irstfay.  We started in Borean Tundra and got our quests all lined up to the same spots so we could work on things together.  Both the rogue and the druid (Sibelius) were 68 when we started.  We ran all over and had an awesome time saving Gnomes and Tuskarr.  In no time at all it seemed we had dinged 69 and soon, 70.  That makes it now 6 (if you count Kittykat) characters over level 70, with three of them at 80 already.  I am an altoholic.


It felt great to get them to 70 and accomplishing those 2 levels really made her excited as well.  Gear upgrades all around are always fun too.  Sibelius got an extra bonus Sunday night as he ran with some guild mates to his first UK.  Actually, for 4 of us, it was the first UK.  A level 80 hunter tagged along and helped make it possible as well.  Katia from Repgrind and Bonnack from For the Horde who have rolled Alliance toons with us came with as well as Katia’s favorite little Warlock friend Mordune.  We had a BLAST.  It was hilarious full of crazy antics as usual, I’m sure Katia has some pictures up, we made some screenshots for her.  Mordune and Bannock got some nice upgrades and of course everyone got some nice XP.

Also on Sunday Elgar got some more achievement spam when he did the normal daily Oculus on heroic.  Up until now he hadn’t done Oculus, after doing it once on Troutwort and not enjoying it I was pretty sure I never wanted to do it again.  Elgar had also tried once but failed.  This time though, the scaling of the dragons made it MUCH easier.  And I finished up heroic Oculus.  As a result…

Elgar DM

So that was pretty cool!  And that left me feeling pretty good for the weekend.  I got so much done!  This week will probably be more heroics for badge gear, Elgar has his eye on some pants, and maybe knock out a level or two on the Paladin who dinged two levels up to 42 this weekend and maybe Tome of Cold Weather Flying for Sibelius, leveling up as resto is a nightmare.  So it’s either that or Dual Spec.  Time to call Bank of Elgar for a loan…

I also got to run regular ToC with Wimzig the DK from Frost is the New Black.  Schubert is still frost much like his mage is.  But Schubert has had some impressive DPS lately.  It seems to vary depending on group make-up, but he was able to get up to 3100 as frost on regular ToC during the black Knight Fight.  Last night on the target dummies in SW I was running at about 2500 DPS though solo.  I redid the glyphs and got the Molten Armor Glyph (gave me about 2.5% more crit) and Water Elemental Glyph, he’s on a 2 minute cooldown now and lasts for 1 minute, that’s a 50% uptime which should really help as well.  Mirror Image glyph was fun, but now that Schubert is running more heroics I really need to start having him pull his own weight.


6 Responses to “Busy busy busy…”

  1. lagalot Says:

    The one death was my doing; I stood in a flame wall, took a lava swim, spun the dragon 360 to reposition and breathed Theanna.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Unlucky times, many people got hit by the first flame wall, but then it wasn’t too bad. I had no idea what to expect. At least we “get it” now.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Katia will have pics up tomorrow. Gives me something to do during maintenance. Today she leveled to 69 and got the quests for UK. 🙂

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