Troubleshooting and Trouble with Fel Reaver

On Wednesdays, I do some Big Brothers Big Sisters action.  He used to play WoW with me sometimes which usually resulted in hilarious moments – I have screenshots to prove it.  But after reaching max level in BC he got bored, and his level 70 Boomkin and 62 Mage were left ever waiting on the character screen. 

Last night he settled in to play some Sims2 on my desktop, though I have Sims3, the new version doesn’t give the option to have your own shop, so he likes the old one better.  He attempts many homemade businesses, each starting to get good before he up and moves to a new bigger house at the first couple grand he makes and starts over…I don’t know why.  He had previously had a BOOMING pet store, but decided it wasn’t as lucrative as electronics, but starting over meant he didn’t have the customer base, and people were only slowly trickling into his mega store.  He decided after getting that store moving that he wanted to do real estate, buying lots that he would create for the purpose of selling, and selling the deeds in his store.  They didn’t sell very fast at all, and restocking them was a nightmare, so he decided to again, go back to the electronic superstore, but had lost so much money in all these “new, great ideas” that he couldn’t even fill the store like he used to and again the customer base was very low.

Anyways, while he’s over there doing that, I decide to load up WoW on the laptop and putz around on an alt or something.  But when I load up WoW after installing the last patch (I don’t play it much on the laptop) I notice that the borders around lots of things are missing, and the buttons have all disappeared, but the clickable text is still there.  I get to the character screen, and it’s the same thing, though the characters look fine themselves.  I log into the game and it’s the same issue.  I figure it’s a UI thing or maybe some resolution…I start to run through possible solutions.  Change the resolution, reset the defaults, make sure I don’t have any add-ons running (I didn’t even have any installed on the laptop!), restart, restart again, update the driver…blah blah blah.  Nothing.

I google up the problem (which I should have done first) and come to find there are 49 pages of “help me with this problem!!” on the WoW forums.  Seems I wasn’t the only one.  I have to give props to the Blizzard staff as they provided links to the driver updates and then step by step directions on how to fix it.  I have to give negative props to Microsoft and Intel though.  Seriously, why doesn’t the auto-update the driver actually auto update it?  I should be able to click that and have it install the LATEST driver.  There was a newer version, which I then downloaded, and had to basically force the computer to install.  And poof, problem solved–in less that 2 hours!

So I finally get in to play and the little dude decides he wants to play a little bit.  On his 62 mage.  I don’t really have anyone around that level, so I just hopped on Schubert, gave him like 250g for his flying mount, and was literally asking him what quests he had and…

“What level is Schubert?”
“80.  Why?”
“Can you kill a level 70 elite?”
“Fel Reaver?”
“Yeah.  Can you kill him?”
“I doubt it…”
“Can we try?  I can help.”
“I’m pretty sure he’ll mash me up, he was 104,000 health!”
“How much do you have?”
“Can we still try?”
I groan…”Okay.”

So we chase him down on our flying mounts, I get within range and start to pop the cooldowns and fire away my Frostbolts.  Of course, he’s immune to being frozen in place and immune to being slowed.  I can tell this isn’t going to end well, but my Ice Barrier is holding up more than I thought and his health is dropping fairly quickly, I might actually beat him!  The little dude is fighting boars nearby that he aggroed.  But then I get too much aggro over the mirror images and the water elemental, it’s too late that I realize I did things in the wrong order.  He was at about 20k health when I ate the last punch from him. 

“What if I get Wingra?  He can heal you!”
“If you want I guess.”
“Yeah!  We’ll totally kick his butt!”
“Is Schubert your most powerful character?”
“Who is?  Can you get them?”
“Just get Wingra, we’ll be fine.”

So he runs off to get on his other character, but Wingra lags out in Dalaran and then for some reason WoW won’t connect after that.  It’s late anyways, time to take him home.  Another time…maybe.

Schubert, I apologize for the abuse you had to endure at the hand of the Fel Reaver.  I think the kid would have been disappointed when Fel Reaver didn’t drop some awesome loot anyways.

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