New Record!

After the last patch I didn’t have much time before I left for vacation and in that little time that I did play I was mostly running around healing dungeons for the new level 80s.  Last night though, I hopped on Troutwort and decided to give him a go at some things again.  I ran around doing some of the dailies for the Oracles – I haven’t reached revered with him yet – and tossed myself into the queue for some heroics and normal ToC since I haven’t seen it yet.  I had to fight the urge to switch over to Elgar as I watched line after line of…

LF1M healer for ToC
need tank and heals for H HoL
need heals then gtg for H ToC

No, tonight is for Troutwort.  I got one whisper asking for regular ToC, I responded yes, but never got the invite.  I figured I was destined for a night of soloing, that’s what Trout does best afterall.  So I headed over to work on more of the Sons of Hodir questline.  I knocked out a few more of those quests and then did get an invite.  We needed heals, surprise, and so a willing guildmate jumped into the mix.  The first run was smooth, and as a result we ran it again, and again.  All in all, three times, the last time taking a mere 15 minutes.  I’m not sure how I felt about that.  Part of me liked that it went so fast, but part of me was kinda disappointed that it didn’t even feel like a challenge.  I think the healer would argue otherwise.  But I did enjoy myself and the new instance.  Trout didn’t get any new items, in fact, all three times we got the paladin helm and the rogue gloves.  We were sad about that. 

But what I was excited about was Troutwort himself.  I felt a little rusty on the hunter and that I wasn’t even playing to the best of my ability last night, but he managed to pull off something he hasn’t done before.  He was pulling DPS above 3000!!  He was hovering right around 3150, in a 5-man!  It was awesome!  I usually don’t watch the damage meters, but I checked last night and it was great.  It was probably partly due to the buffs that I had from the pally/shaman/DK combo, but still for Trout, that was a new record of DPS, it really made me feel great.  Troutwort is not getting left behind my other max level toons in LK like he did in BC.  It feels nice.  The light knows he’s probably my most important toon, the others would be left in the dust if not for his sacrifices, noobness, and willingness to “try it first”–Elgar doesn’t heal anything that Trout hasn’t already done.  In a way, seeing those numbers last night was kinda like a reward for Troutwort, like it’s all been worth it and paid off to reach a new level of awesome.


5 Responses to “New Record!”

  1. Light Says:

    Nice job on the DPS. 🙂

    BTW, tips on H ToC… only go with a tank you can trust. The rogue drops poison on the ground and I had a PUG tank stand in it. Not even cleansing totem helps with that idiocy. Phase 3 for the Black Knight is all about DPS as well, so kick them if they can’t kill him by 8 stacks of the debuff. Healing it is tough. Tanking it is a lot more fun. 🙂

  2. lagalot Says:

    Ya that dungeon is brutal on the healer. As a ranged dps you miss out on all the challenging bits, that dungeon seems designed to instagib melee. Rouge poison and whirlwind at the same time, the exploding gouls, etc. Melee get one shotted left and right, you should take elgar with a bunch of melee next time 😀

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