Dual Specialization

I’ve been thinking more and more about the Dual Specialization.  By now of course, it’s old news to most people and I’m guessing that many have it already.  But I have yet to purchase this ability on any of my characters.  For a hunter, it didn’t seem viable, the times I would switch specs would still be cheaper to pay for each time, and on my disc priest, speccing to what is the question?  Holy?  Shadow?  Again, it seemed easier if I just would pay for it should I decide to switch. 

There are though a few of my lesser “mains” that I’m curious about getting the ability for.  The first priority is probably the druid.  He’s currently been spec’d resto since about level 55.  He pretty much healed his whole way through the Outlands as questing is a nightmare.  It would be fantastic to be able to Boomkin with him when I was out soloing and to be able to provide healing for dungeons as needed.  However, he doesn’t have enough cash himself to afford it as I haven’t spent much time playing him.  I think though once I start to play him more, I’ll go that route.    Another is the Shaman, while he’s DPS enhancement right now and possibly the only melee that I can handle, I have though of trying out a healing spec with the shaman or possibly an elemental caster type, I thought that would be fun. 

But the last one is actually the one I’m most excited about.  Schubert the mage.  I know that I’ve always been all “Frost for Life!” and yes, I would keep a frost spec that he would use most the time, I love it for when I’m out and about questing, but I think that for dungeons I need a new spec that will pull a little more weight.  I have tried a fire spec before, but what I’m actually most curious about trying is arcane.  The gear choices for frost and arcane are similar: not so much focus on crit, more on haste.  And it might make the scenario a bit more interesting other than only using frostbolt.  I’ve seen some arcane mages push out some fierce DPS and so I am curious about trying it! 

It’s on my new list of WoW goals, of course epic flying for Schubert and dual spec for the druid are first in line, but I think that I would get decent use out of dual spec for the mage. 

Now I just need to come up with a great way to make the cash needed.

6 Responses to “Dual Specialization”

  1. repgrind Says:


    You are trying your darnedest to make me actually like the little gnome, aren’t you? I know fire is the hot thing for Ulduar and beyond right now, and I love it for leveling; but for where you’re at, and IMO, in terms of flexibility and fun, arcane is pure win. If you have any questions at all, I’d be happy to help you out with it.

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Well I’m far from Ulduar with that little gnome, but I think for 5-mans I would like to try out some arcane. Even switching specs would be a HUGE deal. I’ve only ever done it on two of my characters…Trout was always MM, Schubert was always Frost, Borka always Enhance, even the lesser alts have stuck with one spec. Only Elgar switched from Holy to Disc and Sibelius from Feral to Resto. I don’t know why it seems like a big deal now, I think because it’s experimental and not intentional like the other ones. Maybe after I’m back from the vacation I’ll poke around and try it out. I do really enjoy the mage class, but there’s so much I don’t know about it–well outside of frost spec anyways.

  3. Naïve Says:

    Want moar opinions about arcane? Friggin’ love it. Used to be pretty darn addicted to it before I geared up enough hit n’ crit for my fire specc. As I never PvP, I’ve got ttw fire and arcane spec as my dual-specs. One for average boss fights in raids, one for the shorter fights. I miss being able to use frost as PvE, but I guess that’s a cold and lovely chapter of the history books now.

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