Halls of Suck

I loathe the Halls of Lightning.  I mean really loathe it.  But it was our normal daily yesterday, so it only seems right that I go for it with the guild, but they wanted to do it on Heroic.  I loathe Halls of Lightning on regular that I had completely avoided doing it on heroic with Elgar.  But it was time to face it.  I figured I could make it.  But I wasn’t thrilled.  Loken in particular is annoying because of my lack of and now totally nerfed AOE ability (yes singular) as a Disc priest. 

Did I mention I hate this place?  We had a few casualties along the way but pretty much every time we did it was due to AOE type damage.  Seriously, I hate that place.  We make it to Loken, but we wipe on him, I was the first to go down.  Grr.  So we try again.  It’s not looking much better, but I blow some major cooldowns and manage to stay alive along with much of the party for nearly the whole fight, he’s at 60k when I die, we have two DKs left, one pops army of dead while the tank blows his cooldowns.  They manage to finish him off just before one last lightning nova that surely would have killed them.  I have to give a shout out to both of them for finishing him off.  I was more than happy to see him drop and through the whole instance I managed to pick-up three achievements.


I still hate HoL.  After some congratz from the achievement spam I told the guild that now that was done, I don’t ever have to go back, I have the achievement, thank you.  They laughed.  I wasn’t kidding.  I’ll go back as DPS, but I don’t like to heal that place at all.  I loathe the Halls of Lightning.


11 Responses to “Halls of Suck”

  1. repgrind Says:

    I’d rather do HoL than do Halls of Stone. Brann can go jump off a cliff for all I care. So can the Maiden of Grief with her stunning you and putting a black puddle of death under you all at the same time. I bet Roz has died more times there …. hm. brb.

    Well, I was wrong. Apparently he’s died the most to Zuramat the Obliterator. I bet you hate him with a passion, too. xD
    (that’s the void boss in VH)

    • Troutwort Says:

      I hate Halls of Stone too, possibly more, but at least equally. As for the VH boss, I’ve been able to manage him, primarily through shadow resist and lots of bubbles on everyone. I fear him yes, he’s not the easiest, but I do like VH in general.

  2. Light Says:

    Congrats on the achievements!

    It gets better when you get more geared up, then you can have some fun with it. 🙂

    One of our tanks chain pulls through the entire instance, including pulling the trash mobs into the first boss. Makes for a fun time.

    I actually like HoL. My least favorite is Violet Hold (it’s boring, except for the Void Walker who sucks) and Oculus. I am not looking forward to getting the rest of the achievements in Oculus. 😐

  3. Troutwort Says:

    I forgot to add in there that we went on to Gun’Drak and the final boss charged and crit me. For 20k. Yeah, I didn’t live. Ha ha. All I saw was a big -20,403 (estimate) on my screen. Ouch.

    • repgrind Says:

      Yeesh! Yeah, I think I’ve only had one toon ever that had more than 20k health. That would kill almost anything that’s not in plate.

      • Light Says:

        He is ouchie even for me in mail + shield and I have over 15k armor.

        More fun when trying to get everyone impaled for the achievement!

  4. Eldadres Says:

    Ahh, see this is why I sort of like Loken, the DK matter anyways. I pop my army, charge in, then on the first nova, I hit Anti-Magic Zone and take no damage. Most of the time due to me not moving him and all of that glory, he goes down soon after and before the second nova.

    Personally, my least favorite instance is Nexus. All the fights are bland, it’s your typical Dragon, a Tank and spank, your Whirlwind, and your Voidwalker add spawn. The only different fight is Mrs. Magelady, and even she is just too simple =(

    • repgrind Says:

      Blasphemy! Nexus is my most favouritest dungeon to tank EVAR! Then again, I am a completely noobish tank and can’t tank anything else. >.>

      Well, except Naxx. That was fun to tank. Dunno if I’ll ever get to do that again or not…especially since I really have no desire to ever do it as more than a fill-in.

  5. Naïve Says:

    Aaah. Friggin’ nice to see I’m not the only one loathing that place. Too many pugs without a clue has scarred me for life. What once seemed like a pretty decent instance, have been torn apart by people /hugging the boss and then not having a clue what to do when that magical thingie called a nova appears. Like you, I too loathe HoL. With all of my soul.

    • Light Says:

      It’s not necessary to run out of the lightning nova unless you are severely undergeared. I’ve had more people screw up trying to run.

      • Naïve Says:

        I ain’t been there since we ran that place severely undergeared. Hence the dead bodies on the floor each time.

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