So last night after returning from an awesome weekend I was met with not only the disappointment of having to wash all my stinky fishing clothes, but the disappointment that is lag in Dalaran.  I have not yet had any trouble with lag in Dalaran since moving to my new server back in February.  But after last weeks patch I can’t do anything.  I start to run, and then eventually just reach a crawl before I lag out and the game freezes.  Last night with the advice of some guildies, I tried the “log in and just wait” method.  When I came back to the PC, I was disconnected from the server.  I tried one more time this time making a run for the flight master.  After about 5-10 minutes, I made it and he actually opened the flight map for me.  Anything to get out of Dalaran.  When I landed however, the situation was no better and I just said screw it and logged out for the night.

Some people advised not logging out in Dalaran, but of course that’s where I had always logged out.  So when I looked at my character list…Elgar – Dalaran, Schubert – Dalaran, Troutwort – Dalaran, Borka – Dalaran.  About the only one NOT in Dalaran was the bank toon, which I did log in on, did some AH crap, and just left.  I’m hoping that some rolling restarts or some hot-fix on Tuesday will fix this trouble.  I haven’t seen anything new on Patch 3.2 since both Tuesday and Wednesday last week were wasted and then I’ve been gone since then.  I leave again this Saturday for a full week of vacation and hope that I’ll be able to get in some play time before then.

This lag is so frustrating in Dalaran at the moment though.  Here’s hoping getting out of Dalaran fixed the problem for Elgar…he was the only one that made it out without crashing.  Weekend fishing pictures later.

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5 Responses to “Da-lag-ran”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Awww man, that really sucks. Welcome back though! Glad you had fun fishing.

    I wonder if it was one of those all of Northrend having issues things?

  2. lagalot Says:

    Try updating/disabling your addons. I’ve run into this since the patch and it appeared addon related, triggered by reload ui, fixed by shutting down wow entirely and starting it again. Might also be your internets? If dal doesn’t lag ME on my puny 128k (thats 0.12 mbps), you should be fine as long as you don’t have packetloss or stupidly high latency. Ping, (ping -n 999 It should be consistent. Try disabling hardware checksuming on your ethernet card (network properties). There’s a lot of bad nics out there that cause problems under higher loads that’s hard to detect. If you have a 10base router or switch, replace it with something 10/100. Wow uses enough bandwidth to cause retransmits, collisions and the like on 10base.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Here’s the thing. I don’t use any UI add-ons. I’m like vanilla WoW. I use the WoW interface and since patch 3.2 have disabled all add-ons (recount, decursive) as I knew they would be out of date. Other internet things all seem to be working okay and I’ve never had any trouble before in Dalaran. So I’ll check some out tonight and see again. If the problem persists I’ll start looking into the network. But I think it’s just bad patch lag. I did hear from others that if they log out in Dalaran they can’t get back in, but everywhere else they are okay. So I think it’s that I was trying to log into Dalaran. I’ll check add-ons again, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have any running.

      Hopefully tonight yields better results.

  3. theerivs Says:

    I actually had that problem, turns out it was an add on I used called Quest helper.

    Check the Tech forums, sometimes they really help.

  4. Eldadres Says:

    Weird, since the patch the lag in there has gotten BETTER for me!

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