Patch Day Mount Madness

I should have just avoided it all together.  But I logged in.  My main server is down and so is the one I play my Horde with.  But I had one level 19 hunter on Eonar left (Troutwort Two) and I leveled him up and went to get my mount…foolish.


Somewhere in there was the mount vendor.  When you could find her she wouldn’t respond to clicking for a LONG time and then the purchase of her mounts was slow too.  In my own impatience, I actually ended up with 5 mounts since the server had to take time to catch up.  Whoops!  I should have just avoided it though.


I don’t know that it was worth all the lag.  Tonight, I think I’ll find other games to play.


8 Responses to “Patch Day Mount Madness”

  1. Light Says:

    Oh, is that the new 60% mount? I must get one!

  2. theerivs Says:

    THe lag not too bad on my server, once you got in an instance…if you got in.

  3. Troutwort Says:

    The 100% land mount on my paladin cost me 45g for training. So cheap! I was surprised it was reduced that much, but I’m not going to complain that he can move quick!

  4. Eldadres Says:

    My server was fine yesterday, Dal was a little more laggy due to the orphan quests, but other then that, there was not much more lag then usual.

    • lagalot Says:

      dalaran on winterhoof was so broken I got stuck in the sewer well on a flying mount then got a lua error, wow crashed, then none of the npcs would talk to me, except when I accidently lagged off the side of dalaran all their dialogs popped up at once, along with more lua error spam, except non of the items had text next to them and then I died

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