On Disappearing Guild Leaders

Happy Monday everyone!  Time for some thoughts stirred up by weekend activities!

On Friday night, I get an invite from someone looking to run Utguarde Pinnacle (I think–I’m pretty sure…) on Schubert the mage.  He wasn’t 80 yet so I was a little worried, but explained it and they said no worries, we needed one more DPS so I asked the guild and a DK came with.  The other half of the group was all from the same guild.  And the run went amazingly smooth.  At the end of the run, they asked us if we were recruiting.  I told them that we always are recruiting, and after some conversations with them we agreed for them to merge over.

I asked a little more about why they were leaving their guild, etc.  Because you always have to be a little curious why people would up and leave where they are at all at once.  Unfortunately, the tale was familiar:  vanishing guild leader.  Apparently their guild leader had vanished some time before and hadn’t been heard from.  Several of the core officers had also gone missing.  Having heard this story before I started to think maybe this isn’t all that uncommon?

Being a guild leader (leading them where?  God knows!), I can’t imagine just quitting or being gone for a long time without telling anyone.  Even if something tragic happened, I have enough RL friends that play and are in the guild that they’d be able to pass the information on.  Even my brother is in the guild, so it’s not like they wouldn’t hear what happened.  So just up and vanishing?!?  That’s crazy and as far as I’m concerned unacceptable. 

I’ve never been part of a guild that fell apart.  I made sure to choose my first guild carefully, and only after some beef there with one rowdy member, did I leave and just start my own guild with my friends.  Since then, we’re just been on our own and we picked up people along the way.  We’ve now grown to what I consider a perfect size and I’m really excited about the new members and the prospect of seeing more things now that we’ve got more higher levels available. 

But I still can’t get over the disappearing guild leader.  This is the second batch of members that we’ve gotten from a disbanded guild, both times the members have been awesome, willing to help, willing to learn, and most importantly, willing to crit and giggle.

5 Responses to “On Disappearing Guild Leaders”

  1. For The Pie Says:

    i’m in ur guild stealing ur members.

    When our guild leader had some real life things take him away, he transferred leadership to someone else. Then that person had a few weeks of very little play and transferred it to me. The first guy came back and I gave it back. But we run AoT in more a committee mode anyway.

  2. lagalot Says:

    These arn’t very exciting guild breakups. I had an epic guild breakup once where all the officers but one simultaneously rmt’d their toons and the bank for $4k~ each then posted pics of their new TVs, cars, etc to the forums with remarks like “I’ll miss you all so much! I know you’ll understand, new tv > you, bye”.

    • Troutwort Says:

      O M G. That’s horrible, and yet, I giggled a little bit. But overall, that’s really an asshat move. It’s not that the disappearing guild leader is dramatic or even exciting, it’s just that I don’t get it. A reaction like Pie’s guild is more what I would expect, something is up, someone else is in charge while I’m away. That makes more sense than the Rogue-esque vanish.

  3. For the Pie Says:

    I’ve told many folks that Crits and Giggles is the Alliance version of Ashes of Tirisfal.

    Only with more gnomes and dancing.

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