Schubert dings 80!

And celebrates in Ironforge.

Oh god, oh crap!  Gnomes!

Oh god, oh crap! Gnomes!

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12 Responses to “Schubert dings 80!”

  1. repgrind Says:

    HAHAHAHA! Man, you coulda invited me to come dance with you. /pout


    • Troutwort Says:

      Oh, there will be plenty of time to dance with Schubert, Dorkbert, Schubtube, Schuby, and Glen. Glen is totally the glyphed one, I bet he sucks the most in combat…

  2. For the Pie Says:

    Dance gnomes dance!

  3. For the Pie Says:

    Oh and I like the new look. Makes my widescreen monitor at home not freak out. The old layout adjusted the blog name over the other links to about etc.

    • repgrind Says:

      The new look is good, but it still needs a banner. Of course, this is coming from someone who has never had a banner on her blog. I haz no photo editing skillz. 😦

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yeah the new look is great. I find it much easier to read without mucho scrolling on my wordy posts and all the links are more accessable. I’m happy about it.

      I’ll see what I can do about a header, though I’m not sure this one has a custom header option. I know nothing about HPLC codes or whatever the crap this is.

  4. Light Says:


    By the way, I hate the noise you guys make when your clones die. It make me look around frantically wondering who died.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I read that sound will be removed from the game next patch and instead they will just fade out. The gnome death noise is horrifying anyways…so it’s a good thing.

      • repgrind Says:

        I’m actually sad about that. I like hearing my troll clones die.

        My favourite death noise though is male nelfs. Man, how I wish they could be mages. Oh well, I’ll have to settle for hitting feign death every time it’s off cooldown. xD

      • Troutwort Says:

        It’s such a dramatic death!

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