Outlands Dungeons…part 7? 8?

So I’m almost done with Outlands for the 7th or 8th time?  I can’t actually believe that I’ve done Hellfire Peninsula so many times, no other zone has occupied so much of all of my toons attention.  But I’m not here to talk about leveling in Outlands, I’m here to talk about the gems of dungeons in the Outlands.

Who can forget Ramparts?  No one.  Everyone has done it.  In fact, I would place a safe pet on it being one of the only ones that people still run on their journey through the Outlands with upcoming toons.  With death knights almost always tanking that place and a general upgrade to AOEtanking, it makes that place a little more tank-friendly, but you still have to watch out for those blasted hound masters.  It’s a fun and relatively quick dungeon, with some very nice upgrades for those recently dinged 60s. 

Last night I revisited Ramparts on my healy druid.  It was an all guild run and it went amazingly smooth.  Although aside from Roz getting new boots, we were unlucky withthe drops.  We followed it up with Blood Furnace and Slave Pens.  Those first few dungeons were classic and are now practically ingrained in my memory.  I wonder if I could do a play by play in my head.  Sibelius being a healy druid, has tried to level almost exclusively through the Outlands via dungeons.  Even running those first three starter dungeons at level 66 last night ended up giving him one more level just from mob kills.  That’s pretty sweet. 

Tonight there might be more dungeons…the Outlands had a fair amount of dungeons.  3 in Hellfire, 3 in Zangar, 4 in Terrokar, 3 in Netherstorm and 1 out in the Isle of Quel.  14 in total.  But since Lich King has been released I’d bet that Shattered Halls, Shadow Labs, and Arcatraz, Botanica, and Mechanar never get visited.  The later three especially since you need a flying mount to get there. 

Every time I heal a dungeon on Sibelius, I’m reminded how fun those Outland dungeons were, they are refreshing compared to another run of Utguarde Pinnacle or Drak’Thar Keep.  Those places were fresh and new, but now get a little old on each toon that I head through Northrend.  So heading back to Outlands was refreshing even though some of those places it’s the 7th character I’m taking through there! 

I think at the moment, some of the most fun instances of the Outlands are the ones that are not being visited.  Botanicawas a great instance.  Sure it was a little long sometimes with the trash, but it was still one of my favorites to run.  Mechanarwas also quite fun, who can forget the general with her nasty fire elementals.  Did anyone ever do her on heroic?  Shadow labs was also amazingly fun though some of the pulls were horrible.  The boss fights were great with the AOEmind control and Murmur’s touch.  I’m hoping that with Sibelius and the guild that I’ll get to experience these dungeons again, perhaps now for the last time.  It’s great for new players to see these places as well.  And of course for them to see Karazhan too.  I love when you get to those bosses in Utguarde Keep and someone says “It’s like Romeo and Juliet from Opera, down them at the same time” but if you’ve never been in Karazhan, you’re probably like, what the F does this have to do with Shakespeare? 

Hopefully some more screenshots coming up from dungeons in the Outlands, a memoir perhaps as we get our next group of Crits and Gigglers up to 70.


8 Responses to “Outlands Dungeons…part 7? 8?”

  1. repgrind Says:

    I’m totally looking forward to hitting all of those! I never really got to fully experience Outland. The Sunwell patch had already been released at the time I began my first character, so by the time I got to max level, I got to do a couple heroics a week for a month or two, and then wham! Warhammer comes out, my guildies all quit to play that, and then Wrath comes out 2 months later. Basically, prior to Wrath endgame, I spent almost all my time either soloing or questing with one other person. I guess that’s part of the reason I am loving both Ashes and Crits so much…there are always guild members around to have fun with. Dang, this is getting long … you’d have thought I’d have run out of words after my own long-winded blog post today, eh? LMAO

    • Troutwort Says:

      Oh we’ll totally do them then. Falahla never got to see lots of it and even Theanna missed out on some dungeons, so we’ll have to get in there for the sake of everyone. It will be fun.

  2. theerivs Says:

    I’m levelling a baby pally, and I am loathe to get through Outland. I didn’t really like it all that much. Well to me it signalled the end of my awesome raiding guild on Tlord.

  3. For The Pie Says:

    We will be doing Tempest Keep at some point. Halk needs to kill the emo-K to get his vial to complete the quest…which you needed to get into BT.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I’ve heard some complaints recently about attunements being lifted, or all together not even required. I’m of course in favor of this as historically the quests in order to get attuned were annoying, think Onyxia. Kara was not a rough attunement though.

  4. repgrind Says:

    Oh wow. I like the new design, other than the banner being gone. Bring back Elgar!

    Actually, I would have loved to have seen the Ony attunement questline. I never got to do any of that stuff! It doesn’t even exist any more, so I can’t go back and see it.

    And Juna is halfway through getting her Kara key, but … I’m not a good enough huntard to solo the outland heroics she needs to get it.

    Juna got through the questlines in Shadowmoon for the … hm, don’t remember if it was Hand of A’dal or Champion of the Naaru … either way, those were removed before she could do the heroics needed to finish them.

    Now, part of that is probably my fault. I’m actually kinda shy and the thought of pugging with strangers terrified me. I’m better about it now, but I still don’t pug if I can help it. I probably should have just forced myself to find groups, but …I was still new enough that I really relied on the few people in the small guild I was in. If all 5 of us weren’t on … I quested or played alts.

  5. kaif01 Says:

    I really liked the Outland dungeons. I think as a whole they were much more challenging and interesting than the Northrend ones.

    Unfortunately, my shaman is leveling so fast that I’m going to outlevel all of them too soon! But I loved the Botanica/Arc/Mech trifecta. And slabs was so hard the first couple of times. They blew it in that heroics at the time just didn’t have a reward worth doing – you needed to be raid geared to compete in them; It was brutal. That said, the heroics in Northrend are so easy they’re mostly a joke.

    Oh well – it’s fun doing them now.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I agree, the backwardness of the difficulty of the heroics versus the reward is what ruined Outland heroics. At least the “flow” of the Northrend ones is more accurate, even if they are “too easy”.

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