Mage Love

When I’m gone for a weekend, I really long to get back to the game.  Just to log in a few solid hours and then I feel my desire satisfied.  With the shaman having just dinged 72 recently, I only logged on to him to make some glyphs for some people and then decided grinding out a brand new level on him was going to be…meh.  So I hopped over to the mage and remembered he was just a few short bars from level 78. 

I did a few strangling quests that I had in Dragonblight (I dislike Dragonblight as a zone) and got a group for Gundrak.  I was pretty pumped about getting that checked off my list.  I seem to have too many dungeon quests but can’t get any groups.  No one needs mages apparently.  My frost DPS is lacking.  I have mana up the wazoo, but I think my spell power is kinda low at only 950-ish and my crit chance is around 15% (unless the target is frozen, then it’s what, 65%?).  The trouble I always had with my mage is that on trash, my DPS is poop.  I must wait too long to start casting and always end up not being able to finish my last one.  It’s fine, whatever, because on the bosses I do quite well compared to the trash.  Even though the bosses can’t be frozen, I can get in more casts over time and hold my own.  The other thing that helps is survivability.  Part of our fail PUG was the healer as twice she/he stood where a pat was coming and aggro’d them.  But a quick sheep of one and plenty of freezing thanks to water elemental and a spellsteal of Earth Shield and I was able to kite the guys long enough to kill them.  The pally healer bubbled and stayed alive spam healing themselves with the occasional judgement and we lived.  It was one of those fights where you feel proud afterwards because you did well. 

Gundrak comes and goes and I ding 78 and get a new cloak.  I unfortunately was rather distracted last night by some severe weather in the area and a few phone calls.  I asked a guildie to help me out on the final quest of the Frenzyheart/Oracle quest line and ‘surprise’ I went with Oracles.  So now I can start doing those quests each day to get up some reputation and better yet make some more gold.  I think I will take the mage over to Storm Peaks to quest.  I really haven’t ever quested there and so for the last two levels I might just work there.  I still have a few things in Grizzly Hills that I might finish up but we’ll see.

The mage is coming along nicely though.  I’ll work on him for awhile until the others get up to 80 and they need me on Elgar or Trout for 10-mans.  Borka the shaman will probably come after Schubert, but I might not do him right away, I might head back to an alt in Outlands or even old Azeroth as I don’t know if I really want to do Northrend again right away.  The thing of it is that while I do try to take different paths with each of my toons there are some zones that I just don’t like.  In Northrend, my favorite to least favorite zones are Scholazar, Grizzly Hills, Borean Tundra, Icecrown, Howling Fjord, Dragonblight, Zul’Drak.  Storm Peaks doesn’t make the list yet since I haven’t quest there.  So I tend to favor the zones I like and it can get repetitive.

This weeks big goal is to get Schubert to level 79 by weeks end.  I think it can be done.

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4 Responses to “Mage Love”

  1. For The Pie Says:

    I pulled aggro a few times running my hunter through instances with a tank that for some reason doesn’t know where their Hammer of Righteousness is.

    I usually inform my AOE folks that once they see a consecrate and hear a Hammer go off, it’s time to bring the pain.

    Of course I have the glyph that allows my hammer to hit 4 so…there’s that.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Wow, I’m surprised Pie didn’t beat me to this.

    The next toon you level should be a Horde toon. =P

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