More Masks

More masks data files have been discovered in the latest build of the PTR test data.  The masks included Ogres, Nagas, Murlocs, and Vykrul.  Of course people claim this is a red herring added by Blizzard to throw off the rumors of the two new races being Worgen and Goblins.  I’m still up in the air.  Of course too, these races have traditionally all been neutral-ish, so there’s the rumors about the neutral faction as well–though I honestly don’t remember ever having a friendly conversation with a Naga, and a jumping animation for a Naga would be, well, awkward. 

To incorperate a new faction…a neutral faction would be…weird at best.  Who would it include?  Goblins and Worgen?  Ogres and High Elves?  Nagas and Vykrul?  Okay, that’s just plain messed up.  Besides they’d have to redo nearly all the battlegrounds to include a neutral faction.  They already have tweaked them so much…perhaps though, the neutral factions wouldn’t have access to battlegrounds, but instead their only PvP would be arena.  That would be one solution, a faction that doesn’t care about PvP and would be neutral and untargetable for PvP even on PvP servers.  And would the neutral faction be able to join parties for both Horde and Alliance?

Okay okay, gross, neutral faction idea:  no. 

It seems to me that they are just expanding the Halloween idea.  But then again we’ll see in Blizzcon.  And there better be a new model for Worgen if I’m going to tolerate them waltzing around Stormwind.  Like the Naga, I haven’t met a friendly Worgen yet.


2 Responses to “More Masks”

  1. Light Says:

    Naga aren’t a candidate for PC because they don’t have a legged model. I think they flat out said this before. Now a naga looking PC with feet, like a cross between a naga and a night elf, that might be interesting.

    High elves have the same look as blood elves because they are the same race. I think this hold an issue for PVP because until you see the red name tag (if you have them on) you can’t tell if they are friendly or not.

    I want a sea elf. 🙂

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Sea elves!! Ha ha, the half-way between Night Elves and Naga. That would be friggin sweet, also really creepy!

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