Anything You Can Do…

…I can do, better?  Just kidding Roz, I can’t be as good as you.  So Roz gets her cross-factioned mage up to level 30 and rides off into the sunset.  Well…in order to keep up with the Jones’ I hopped on my BE warlock and cranked out level 30 as well, landing him his mount.  I did manage though to have something more exciting happen. 


My first ever group as a Horde.  I had some quests for RFK so threw myself in queue.  I joined a group already in progress and we only ended up having to kill two bosses.  No drops for me.  But that’s okay.  It’s funny to do instances that low again.  The tank level 26 had just over 1000 health.  I had 900 myself so I was a little nervous since the healer seemed to be DPS spec as well, but we plowed through it just fine.  I guess it’s been a while since I actually grouped up and didn’t just get a run through.

I had thought about leveling up more characters on Dawnbringer, but then I thought, I have 2 characters that I used to help with recruit a friend, but they are basically classes I already play (hunter and priest) so I figured when the change faction business comes out, I’ll just transfer those bros over, one is already 63 and the other 32.  Good times.

3 Responses to “Anything You Can Do…”

  1. For The Pie Says:

    Don’t think that your tiny amount of playtime on Dawnbringer will suffice.

  2. Roz Says:

    Ahahahaha! Nice to see you all are having fun without me. Let’s see, I have some work to do when I get back. My priest on DB is only 23 and here you are at 30 already. Congrats though! Glad to see you finally got some time to play there.

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