Just Not Enough Time

Oy.  You ever feel like you just don’t have enough time in one evening of WoW to get everything done that you wanted to?  I’m sure this isn’t such a problem for those who have just one main character.  But for the alt-o-holic types, man, sometimes I stare at the character selection screen and think…crap, too much to do.

As it stands, some of the toons have been terribly neglected.  Including Troutwort himself, sure there are things I want to do on him, but oy…so much and so little time.  I set a goal for myself this last week.  Get Schubert to 75 or Borka to 72.  No trouble, in fact Schubert got off to an awesome start hitting 75 on Monday night!  I thought he might even get to 76.  But when I logged in last night to finish up the rest of the way to 76 I popped on Elgar for a transmute and realized he was just 5 argent tournament dailies from getting the “of Stormwind” title.  So I did those and then a few of the Argent ones that unlocked and by the time I looked at the clock I had about 1 hour of play time left before bed.  I surely wasn’t going to hit 76 in an hour, so I popped over to Kalinnikov my level 39 paladin and did all of level 39 in about 50 minutes.  Perfect.  He trained up on some plate, put on some new gear I saved in his bank and is ready to head back out and smash more face. 

This weekend will have limited play time again, unfortunately.  But here are the goals for my characters…god knows when I’ll finish them, some sooner than others.

Troutwort (80 hunter) – finish leveling up the wolf pet to 80.  Spend some time skinning and attempt to sell some crafted items.

Elgar (80 priest) – work towards novelty Argent Tourney pet.  Join a 10 man Naxx for the whole time.

Schubert (75 mage) – get to 76, head to Sholazar, mine like a crazy man and make enough cash to buy cold-weather flying at 77.  Schubert is poor.

Borka (71 shaman) – get to 72, get some better weapons.

Sibelius (66 druid) – try to get to 68 to head to Northrend, most likely via finding a group that wants to run Outland dungeons–it’s hard to kill things as resto.

Kalinnikov (40 paladin) – convince people to run me through some instances–hehe.  Work towards 44, he wants his hammer.

Teufel (29 warlock – horde) – spend some time on Dawnbringer and reach 30 so he can get his mount.

Floy (65 death knight) – spend a couple hours mining and working on blacksmithing.  Get to 68 to head to Northrend, eventually.

Priorities?  Borka and Schubert are the current priorities.  I’d love to spend some more time on Elgar and Trout, but since we’re a little on the low side for 80s right now, I’m going to keep plugging away on alts while people level up and we can start doing Northrend dungeons and roics.  Making this list makes me realize how much there is to do yet.  But the small goals really help.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to check off a few of those things.

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6 Responses to “Just Not Enough Time”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Let’s see…anything I can help with here?

    Katia is 61, she and Kalinnikov would probably be able to smash through … um, what’s around that level … ooh, SM Cathedral maybe? Ulduman?

    She’d need to level some to be able to run anything that would help Sib, although … what’s the first one in Zangar? Underbog? She could probably dps that…I could even level her to 62 first. Wouldn’t take long she’s on full rest xp.

    Unless you’re set on questing, Teufel has a free run through of anything he wants to do at any time that I am not at work.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Well Sib still gets XP from all the Outland dungeons, even if it’s small amounts on Ramps and BF. We should be able to round up enough at that level that I could heal some chumps through there.

      There’s also Slave Pens! So there’s plenty we could do. Also, I might just leave Kal there until you guys catch up on your toons. Then we can mash things all together.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Well, in order for Kat to do any catching up, she’s gotta have someone to do something with or some other motivation to drag me away from my pyroblasts *grin*

    Although, Sib’s HoTs should be motivation enough. She hasn’t *really* gotten to use that macro yet. It’s not the same when she yells it at Elgar just for fun.

  3. Light Says:

    My advice for your druid is to go boomkin until you can afford dual specs or until you hit 80. You go though gear so fast at that level healing really isn’t worthwhile. You can also offspec heal. It’s a challenge. 🙂

    Just my opinion. I leveled my druid from 68 to 80 as resto for the most part and it was horrible.

  4. Troutwort Says:

    Elgar got his “of Stormwind” title and did much more of 10-man Naxx than ever, and Schubert hit 76 all this weekend. 😀

    Trout did some much needed questing and his wolf dinged 79. It’s amazing what having a couple hours to focus will accomplish!

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