Trout Flies High

It wasn’t until after level 80 that both my top characters got epic flying.  And Elgar had the headless horseman mount so he didn’t need to buy a new mount.  Trout just got the standard Griffon.  However, Trout wanted something more…he just needed more cash.  Last night, with a little help from his sugar daddy Elgar, he got his new mount.



I know that technically this is an old mount.  But ever since I saw the patch notes where this was being introduced, I’ve wanted one.  And I’ve wanted it for Trout.  So last night was one of those moments where all the work, for pixels, seemed to pay off.


4 Responses to “Trout Flies High”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Wow, Trout is just getting his picture plastered all over wordpress today, isn’t he. ^^

    Grats on the mount! One more that I don’t have. You’ll probably make me /cry over this one, too. =P

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Thanks! It will most likely become his flying mount of choice. I’ve wanted it for so long, and it goes great with his Guardian of Cen. title.

  3. Light Says:


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