For the Hor…lliance?!

The death knights seem to be pouring in.  I think it is truly a conspiracy to try and get us all to roll horde.  At least we now would know a good place to roll them should we ever go crazy with more alts. 

Last night I was a little late loggin in, but when I log in I’m greeted and someone says, “Hey Elgar, meet Bratwurst.”  I instantly knew what was going on.  Pie over at For the Horde had rerolled following in Roz’s footsteps.  Initially having made a Draenei, decided to reroll again as a gnome with the same name.  I can’t wait to see the purple combover – there will surely need to be screenshots!  Apparently Roz gave him some crap for picking a gnome, but come on, gnomes are pretty much the trolls of the alliance, by which I mean, there for comic relief.  And nothing is more awesome than a gnome tanking anything. 

We forgave him for his occasional promotions and cries out for the Horde, but hopefully he’ll simmer down eventually.  Or not.  I’m not sure how dumb the trade channel is on the Horde side, but to our new Horde converts, you might want to leave /trade.  Seriously, you just get dumber watching it.  I almost rolled a new Horde character on your server last night…but I couldn’t decide during the character selection screen.  Blood Elves have a great starting zone, but I thought maybe I should make a Shaman, which lead me to Trolls and Orcs.  But then I thought, maybe I should make a mage or hunter?  But that took me back to Blood Elves and then Trolls again, maybe a priest–do I really want to level one again?  This might take some time to think about…

The nice thing about rerolling opposite faction is that all the quests are new!  I do not know where Mankirks wife is!  I hear she is stuff of legend, but I’ve never even seen that quest. 

At any rate, welcome Bratwurst!  As I mentioned in a comment, if you DKs all get up to Outlands and want to dungeon run, I’ve got a resto druid rotting out there who will gladly heal the madness – oh, and free glyph of Death Grips are part of our benefits package!


12 Responses to “For the Hor…lliance?!”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Trolls be EATIN’ gnomes. Dere is no comparin’ de two, mon.

    And yes, Pie was sooo rolling a studly Draenei to complement Katia … now all he’s going to get is her hoof punting him all over Azeroth. /snicker

    The only toon of mine that has not left trade is my bank alt. The rest leave it the second they step foot in a major city and never join it again.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Please remember to check your hooves for gnomes.

      • forthepie Says:

        Okay first of all, trolls are probably not the gnomes of the horde, because the pop is so low.

        The true hated race on the horde side is Blood Elf.

        Although for a long time I hated the undead for how slimy their quests made me feel. And…Wrathgate doesn’t make you just adore them either. Although Lady Sy is hawt and should be followed at all costs.

        Orcs and Taurens are my favorite, lore wise and how they have a lot of “noble” type folks.

  2. krizzlybear Says:


  3. Light Says:

    Tauren shaman FTW. 🙂

    Nothing like a giant cow smashing people’s faces in with maces!

  4. Jaarka Says:

    We were listening to Pie on Vent while he was rerolling. Seriously, a Gnome? *sigh*

    And… I’d be afraid of comparing Gnomes to Trolls with a certain someone reading this blog… *hides*

    I, too, rolled a DK on your server. Haven’t finished the starting zone yet, but when I do I’ll holler at someone. GO TEAM DEATHKNIGHT!

    • Troutwort Says:


      Well, trolls are funny and gnomes are funny-looking? You know I’m just syaing they are both awesome in their own ways.

      Did that work? Did I dodge the bullet?

    • repgrind Says:

      At least you didn’t roll a gnome.

      I’m in trouble with Pie though. I punted him a few too many times, I think. He’s threatening to go find someone who appreciates the gnome. He mentioned some woman in Theramore … Janice? Joanie? Jaina? Something like that.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Ack! I’m stuck at work, hopefully there will be someone online that can toss you the guild invite as I’m not sure when I’m getting out of this cube. WTB invisibility potion!

      • repgrind Says:

        I’m bummed you weren’t able to be on last night … although I suppose it’s easier to take over your guild when the GM is not present. xD

        All three of us were on, and the three guild members who were also on at the time certainly got treated to some entertaining conversation at the very least. Super big thanks to Jams, Selv and Penai who actually warlock summoned us all to Dal after clearing the starting zone. You guys are awesome!

  5. Eldadres Says:

    As for the /trade chat thought about the horde there Trout… least on my server it’s probably dumber then yours. I seriously think that I have dropped 50 IQ points every time I walk into a city.

  6. More Shenanigans « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] … last night Pie worked on his *cough* gnome DK.  Jaarka worked on his Draenei DK. While those two were busy with the starting zone, I made a sexy […]

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