Fire Power

Just a quick little note today as my day is pretty swamped.  I wanted to write more about how alt friendly the summer fire festival is.  I’ve been making sure to log in and buff up all those toons that I’ll one day get to.  Some even still had their chocolate buffs from Valentine’s!!  But I have a little bank toon, a rogue.  Occasionally I run him around Elwynn to waste some time, he’s level 11.  So I did some fiery things with him and he’s all buffed up and then someone turned in the Head of Onyxia!!  AWESOME!!  His crit chance was 47%.

I’m like you know what Hogger?  Get ready to die.  So I take the gnome over to Hogger, now please keep in mind that he has two green weapons that I bought from the AH and he wears a Tux and the weather beaten hat.  He looks cool, but has no bonus stats except from his weapon.  I burned through all the gnolls in the area like butter, pulling whole camps of them.  I felt invincible.  And then there he was, Hogger.  And so I ran up, sapped him and started furiously swinging away!  It wasn’t long before he fell and I had not even reached 90% health.  It was grand.  For a level 11 rogue in a Tuxedo, it was awesome.  The power of the summer festival and the Onyxia buff pretty much made Elwynn forest a joke. 

In hilarious stupidity, I tried to take on too much later, and died and lost all my buffs.  Not before he hit level 12 though.  I felt like such a loser for my lame death – in all fairness I was disarmed and stunned, so I guess I had it coming.  Either way, between Hogger and a death to defias thugs, it was a hilarious evening.

2 Responses to “Fire Power”

  1. Eldadres Says:

    Nice! I still need to get working on my dusty alts… that buff may help me a ton!

    • Troutwort Says:

      If nothing else, have them dance around the flame and get the buff. And bless at least one bonfire, that way when you get back to your alt 6 months later, they still have the buffs!

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