Pally Power

After helping some people through The Stockades on Friday night and getting that achievement on my Shaman a guild member mentioned she was going to run through Gnomer for the achievement and wanted to know if anyone wanted to tag along.  I instantly remembered my Paladin and how he had the 4-5 quests for Gnomeregan in his quest log.  Sure I’ll tag along!  She actually was really thankful because she had never run it and really didn’t know the way.  I on the other hand have run it at least one, sometimes twice on nearly 8 toons.  So I scarily almost know the place like the back of my hand.  We breeze through and I manage to pick up the engineering pattern for the pet bombling, which was very exciting.  I also dinged 35 after turning in all the quests and was able to raise my engineering cap.

Kal Achieve

There are only a few professions that I haven’t leveled above 375 yet.  I say 375 because I’ve managed to get tailoring, enchanting, alchemy, leatherworking, and inscription all into the 420s or maxed out.  Most are close.  But my blacksmith capped out about 320 before I stopped playing the DK, I figure one day I’ll go back for her…maybe.  With jewelcrafting I only made it to the low 200s and then dropped it for inscription which went so fast compared.  Engineering though is more fun than both BS and JC and I found myself anxious to level it up, even if there was a bit of a price. 

After finally being able to learn to smelt mithril, I made some bars, and cranked out a few levels making some bombs or whatever, and then was able to learn the best thing ever.  Gnomish Battle Chicken.  Here she is.  I can’t wait for her to claw face.  It almost makes it totally worth it. 


My funny little paladin chose engineering initially as a profession because when I made him I had heard too much badness about BS and leveling it and though engineering seemed rough too, I thought at least it will give me a way to pull mobs at a range.  The bombs have come in very handy actually.  Consecrate + big bomb on a group of mobs?  It’s almost too easy.  And despite what I feel is a lack of things to do while leveling up a ret pally, he does some decent damage and is now getting ever closer to the Hammer of Justice and Crusader Strike.  I managed to clunk out a few more levels on him this weekend and I’m actually hoping the fire festival will result in some easy XP for him as well.  Fire festival truly is the time to level up alts.  If not level them, at least dance around the pole to get the 60 minute 10% more XP buff from monsters and then toss one blossom in a fire to get 3% more crit as well.  It’s like go time on all the alts.


3 Responses to “Pally Power”

  1. Light Says:

    I think it stacks with the shoulders if you have them. Worth a try. 🙂

    • Troutwort Says:

      I’m actually hoping for that. The paladin will definitely be getting some love during the next two weeks. I am betting the 10% also applies to toons over 70, so tonight I’ll be running around and at least getting the buffs for people. I have an alt priest that still has the food buffs from Valentine’s holiday!

  2. Eldadres Says:

    The bombling FTW, my DK has that. Good luck with engi, it is quite annoying if you’re farming your own mats!

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