Special Visit!

Last night we had a special visitor on our server!  I was running about my usual nonsense, and I get a whisper from Roz over at Repgrind, her battlegroup had gone down and so she thought she’d check out the Alliance.  Rolling a DK, I quickly tossed her an invite to our guild and introduced her to the gang.  She was an instant hit and fit in perfectly.  Fridays are usually one of our busiest days and so the guild was full of life. 

She worked on her new DK and yes, I agree the name Katia is awesome for a Draenei DK.  After running around for a bit and doing my daily inscription discovery, I hopped over to help a couple in our guild finish up stocks.  They have recently started with recruit-a-friend in order to spend more time playing since they were on the same account before and so would have to share play time.  I headed over to the bank after helping them through and as I’m running out of the bank I see <Crits and Giggles> and say, hey, who’s that?!?!  It’s Katia!!  So I chatted with her a bit, talked about possibly moving my neglected warlock over to her server, and then snuck this screenshot of my shaman, Borka, and her standing next to the bank. 


I was of course delighted she popped in to say hello and play with us and we look forward to seeing her in the future.  I know her heart lies with the trolls, but perhaps once in a while, we’ll see her around.

Of course if anyone else ever is so bored to join our crazy gang, please pop over and say hello.  Now, back to my Paladin, some raptors in STV just ate him while I was writing this, d’oh!


11 Responses to “Special Visit!”

  1. repgrind Says:

    “I’d recognize those face tentacles anywhere”

    What a great screenshot! Much better than mine. 🙂

  2. smart001 Says:

    You know, I have been meaning to try alliance for a while. Maybe I will give it a shot once things settle down in a few weeks. And by settle down, I of course mean my warlock has some naxx gear and I am settled in in AZ. Yeah, I think that would be fun. You can never have too many DK right?

  3. Eldadres Says:

    Hmm… I should make an ally on your server, you guys sound like you have fun… and it gives me an excuse to play a Shammy!

    • Troutwort Says:

      We always have people leveling up, rolling new alts, doing dungeons. In the last 4 nights we’ve had level 80 sponsored runs of Gnomer, SM, and Stockades. We’re expecting some more for ZF soon as well. We usually have higher levels who are willing to help people in dungeons since they too will get the achievements!

  4. repgrind Says:

    I heard a rumour that two of my guildies also rolled DKs over there recently, and that one even started out cool and then *gasp* re-rolled as a gnome. o.O

    As soon as someone else makes it out of the starting zone, I’ll come back and play. Hey guys, are you 58 yet? I bet you would be if you hadn’t re-rolled … hurry up and get there so I can come punt you! bwahahahahah

  5. forthepie Says:

    The G-nome DK is all win.

    His name is Bratwurst. He has purple hair…well what hair he has, because he has a comb-over.

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