It’s been a long time since I remember helping with the warlock epic mount quest.  Since they made the mounts available at level 61 for paladins and warlocks, it’s very rare to see someone in LFG Scholomance for pally/warlock mount quest.  But, it still happens.  As I may have mentioned before our guild has people that are experienced and some that are not, at the game of WoW.  Some have multiple level 80s and some have none.  But we all have something in common, we enjoy our slow pace and doing what we love in the game, whatever that may be.

At least one month ago, I caught someone in our guild asking if anyone could help with the warlock mount quest.  I love it, the fact that someone was still doing it was even better.  So I chime in that I’d help them out and that they should NOT buy the Xonorian Glyphs, etc. that they need for the quest.  Because Kittykat already has it and we’ll work out a time so that she can assist and save him some cash, I think between 200-300 gold towards the riding training.  We also had tons of crap in the guild bank so getting all his other parts for the quest was fairly simple. 

He managed to get all the quest done up to Dire Maul.  And then finding a time when we could all get online was…well, challenging.  But finally, last week, we set aside, Monday, June 15th, we get the mount.  We loaded up the group with many level 70+ and the warlock, who by this time is already level 65!!  We blow through Dire Maul though only two of us had ever been there before and start the summoning.  Of course it was rather easy to get it all done, and we laughed as imps came charging towards us.  Finally the summoning was complete and we fought the horse and the other demon dude and he got his mount.  Since his warlock is his highest character, he was SO excited.  I’ve never seen someone so excited about finishing that up.  He thanked us profusely and told us we were the most awesome guild ever.  The best part though is that I forgot how exciting that is.  I helped both Theanna and Kittykat with their epic mount chain quests and that’s when we were 60-61.  So it was far more challenging.  But they were both equally as excited about getting their epic mounts and how hard they worked through all the quests to get them.

I didn’t have the heart to tell the guy that at level 40 in the next patch he’ll be able to get epic mounts.  I hope they leave the Dreadsteed and Charger quests in the game though at level 60.  It would really give them something to work towards and is still an active challenge.  I’m all for leaving a little bit of epicness still in the game.

7 Responses to “Dreadsteed”

  1. Light Says:

    I think they’ll leave it. I still have my epic flight form quest to complete, even though I bought it from the trainer.

    I can’t wait for 3.2. It’ll make leveling up alts a little bit less annoying. 🙂

  2. Eldadres Says:

    Oh the warlock mount quest, I remember when I still had/played my warlock that was my favorite quest ever. A friend of mine recently wanted to do the quest so the rest of our group helped him out, such a fun quest!

  3. smart001 Says:

    I am looking forward to completing the quest as well. And I have a lock buddy that tells me he has most if not all the mats, so I should be able to save some cash.

  4. theerivs Says:

    Maybe remove the gold requirement or make it a little more cheap.

  5. Justamom Says:

    I remember in the early days those those instances. Isn’t it in the instance with the warlock mount that some mobs “fear”? That was always a pain I remember. Getting feared into other mobs and nearly having the whole room aggroed. Got ugly at times hehe.

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