I See Dead People

 So finally the priest, Elgar, gets a little love.  I’ve been neglecting him except for the odd heroic where a buddy asks me if I’d mind hopping on him to heal.  I usually say yes.  But I did notice the other day that my occasional dailies with Elgar were paying off and I was very close to exalted with the Oracles.  The trinket isn’t useful for me, but it was nice to reach exalted and as a surprise, it was my 10th exalted faction.   

Elgar 10 Ex

 I took a glance at my reputations as a result of the 10 exalted achievement and realized that I was so close on a few of them but never finished.  I think it said I have something like 22 in revered.  I guess I just didn’t do enough Outland heroics!

I then thought that I really need to work with Elgar and get him to the Argent Tournament, in preparation, I decided to work on some of the alliance reputations since Troutwort was so successful the other night.  I headed to Darnassus since it was my lowest rep, somewhere around 3750/21000.  But after questing a bit last night in Teldrassil I was able to get my rep to over 12000/21000!!  The funny part is that I didn’t even finish all the quests in Teldrassil!  Reaching exalted with them shouldn’t take all that long…there’s still Darkshore and Ashenvale.  I’ll move on to Exodar after that.  Gnomer will probably be cloth turn in and Argent Tourney rep.  They will be the hardest.  There’s always the lure of the extra mounts as well.

While running around Teldrassil though, I noticed bodies.  They seemed to be everywhere.  The bodies of started alts who didn’t even get reclaimed after being killed by a furblog.  It was pretty depressing.  Who logs out without even reclaiming their body after a death?  Please pick up your body after you die.  It’s gross and litter-some to do otherwise.  The screenshot below is actually two merged together.  I could have probably taken close to 20 screenshots of all the bodies I found lying around Teldrassil.  I’ll spare you with this merged shot.

Please pick up your bodies.

Please pick up your bodies.

3 Responses to “I See Dead People”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Oh, so that’s where my horse went! May I have him back, please?

    Maybe this year I’ll get one 😦

  2. gnomeaggedon Says:

    there are some quests that give a bucket load of alliance rep. One part of the chain is given from a guy in the Mage quarter of stormwind (when you jump down from the tower, he is standing at the corner)… sorry I can’t remember more, but from memory that chain will give you in excess of 1,500 rep. I think it all starts in Stonetalon mountains… I think…

    • Troutwort Says:

      Ahhh, yes I remember that one. Collect the scales, I remember I did it once and then thought it was nuts to have a quest so far away. With that much rep though I may find it worth it.

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