Troutwort of Stormwind

I’m still having a little trouble understanding how Trout has been my focus lately.  It’s always been Elgar once they both hit max level, but I’ve really put more time into Troutwort again since Elgar reached a level of gear that I feel makes him fully capable of healing any and all heroics, sure there’s always room for improvement and I still do heal with him, but doing quests or dailies with him is less than thrilling.  The other day I was following someone to Icecrown so they could show me something and I was like, where’d you go?!  We were in a phased part and I couldn’t see him, he said “Oh you haven’t quested here?”  I chuckled and said, “Oh ha ha, Elgar doesn’t quest.”

Troutwort does do the dailies and his new favorite is the Argent Tournament.  Though lately, he’s been getting slacky and has’t been going to joust the Scourge.  But he did get enough badges for a new weapon!  The Argent Tournament staff seen below is what Trout is using, though it’s “technically” a feral druid staff, I have yet to see something that is easy for me to attain with that much agility.  But twice now, I’ve been criticized for using “a druid weapon” and then tried to explain that it’s the best weapon I could find without raiding.  This is one of those scenarios where I must have just got caught by bored people inspecting my gear as I run around Dalaran or Ironforge.


Trout has earned the “of Darnassus” title and started his Argent dailies for Stormwind since it was his next closest reputation to exalted.  He finished up the dailies to earn the right to represent Stormwind, but didn’t reach exalted reputation.  So I headed back to Stormwind and over to Northshire Abbey to do some of the starter quests.  In less than an hour I had earned over 5000 Stormwind reputation and reached exalted.  Those low level beginner quests really like to hand out the reputation!

Exalted Rep SW

He started in on Gnomeregan as well, time to head back to Dun Murough to get some of that easy reputation too!

Speaking of low levels, the patch 3.2 changes to mount requirements and speeds is going to be much welcomed for all my alts.  I actually don’t have many alts left that need leveling up and mounts, but still.  It will be a nice and welcomed change.  I can’t view the pages to link at this time, but they are discussed in the WoW forums if you care to check out the “official” announcement.  I’ll try to add a link later from home, where websites are not blocked.


4 Responses to “Troutwort of Stormwind”

  1. smart001 Says:

    Thanks for my first pingback.

    I would use that on my hunter if it was an upgrade, it has all sorts of stuff a hunter loves, agi, crit, ap, i think it is just the stamina that people are irritated with, but i don’t know anybody sho should be pissed about someone with more stamina!

  2. Light Says:

    Er what? It has agility on it. There’s a bunch of staves that are good for hunters too.

    All those stats look good for you without any wasted stats. I don’t really see the issue, but people like to criticize.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I think when people see it they focus too much on that 630 armor and see that as a druid stat and not for hunters. I think that’s where the criticism is coming from.

  3. theerivs Says:

    Congo rats on the title, and weapon

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