Elgar Becomes Selective (Snobby?)

I am not a raider.

I’m not that serious when I play WoW.

I play hard though, and try my very best.

I PUG just about everything.

But now I feel that I’ve become a little snobby.  Last night I was doing some herbing and I threw myself in queue for some dungeons.  I kinda just randomly pick heroics that I like (so not Oculus).  And I get a whisper from a warrior, “Wanna heal H VH for an undergeared tank?”  I honestly thought to myself, did he read that?  If he was a healer does that sound like an offer you want to take?  All I could think was what if we get the Void boss or the Consortium looking dude…I’m smelling wipe-fest.  I ask him what undergeared means and he says “I’m not defense capped yet but have 23k health.”  I decline him and keep herbing.  About the same time I get another whisper, “Wanna heal H HoL?”  I don’t really care for it (oh, just so you know I wasn’t in queue for either of those dungeons, he he).  But I agree.  I join the group and there’s a druid, DK, and mage.  We pick up a hunter.  The druid has a fair amount of health, so I assume he’s tanking.  I ask to be sure, but find out the DK is tanking, I mouse over his health bar…19k.  I’m thinking, I really don’t want to do this with a tank with that “low” of a health pool.  I tell them I had to go unexpectedly and log out of Elgar and switch to Trout for a bit.  After a little bit, one of my “tanks” (my friends list is full of tanks) logs in.  I decide to switch back to Elgar in hopes of him wanting to run a roic.  I whisper him, but he won’t have time this evening.  Oh fiddle sticks, but I get a whisper from someone about the daily roic and take the invite, the druid tank has 32k health.  I feel much better about it and we burn through the place like a hot knife to butter. 

I felt a tiny bit bad though.  I guess only because if those people that I originally declined were just starting to get into heroics I probably could have helped them, maybe they would have improved their gear.  Someone had to take a chance on me healing them initially probably slightly undergeared for roics and the same with Trout.  Perhaps the DK tank hadn’t switched specs yet, but I still blew him off as incapable. 

So while I felt a little bit bad, I had to remind myself that these were strangers.  I might never see any of them again and that I wasn’t rude, but politely declined or excused myself.  I felt though it made me a little bit snobby.  Maybe I’m just getting better at identifying bad groups early?  I hope it’s the later…but if not Elgar had his snobby moment last night.  I feel a little guilty.

As a side note though, he got his badges and it pushed him over the 80 emblems mark.  Which meant he could get his chest piece, Heroes’ Robe of Faith.  My tiny goal is that we’ll get our guild eventually enough geared to try out some of Naxx 10-man.  We’re not huge raiders at all, in fact we’re quite the opposite, most of us just work on dailies, craft for each other, etc.  It’s an awesome group, and we’re all working towards epic flyers, leveling an alt, getting geared from heroics, etc.  We need to get more players up to level 80, and they will.  Once we do, we’ll get ourselves geared and hopefully try Naxx 10-man.  I know to some people that seems like a walk in the park or that we’re getting there a little late in the game, but to us, we’re right on schedule.

6 Responses to “Elgar Becomes Selective (Snobby?)”

  1. theerivs Says:

    Man you guys must have the patience like none others. If I was hitting ulduar by now, I would of quiet or joined some other guild. Though I am singular when it come to gearing, and making my toons raid/dungeon ready.

    Anywho, I don’t think it’s snobby. I want the best chance of success. Ok for example I went in with a Tank to do UK. The tank was crittable, and kept dyeing. I was like. Ah no, Homey don’t play that. I left.

    Snob? maybe? but also I don’t have 100 gold to waste on repairs.

    On the other hand I went in with a group that wasn’t the best, and I did wipe once…and they wiped once. Invisibility for the win.hehe. But I’m willing to take a chance on some people if they know their job, and just suffer from minor gear problems.

  2. Troutwort Says:

    Well remember, most of us have reached 80 only withing the last month or two! And yes, we do have patience, we’ll get there, that’s why epics still are exciting to us even though other people say epics have lost their epicness, to us, they haven’t. 😀

    When you bring up the point of repairs, then yes, I feel better about it, I don’t have tons of cash laying around for repairs.

  3. Light Says:

    You shouldn’t really feel bad about it. I’ve raided as resto druid and now as a resto shaman. I am expected to keep my gear and skills up to snuff so I can be useful, so why is this different for a tank or DPS? Crafted gear isn’t that hard to come by, so it’s not an excuse for not trying. Some people use overgeared healers as an excuse to carry them through an instance. Don’t let them. 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for helping people. I’m not interested in carrying them. Amory is your friend! Don’t be afraid to armory the people asking you to group, especially the tank. I only say this because they will do same to you.

  4. Jessica Says:

    I know this is an old post, but felt compelled to reply to say — don’t feel bad. Too many people think they can immediately jump into heroics the instant they hit 80. That’s fine if you’re being ran through by guildies or even if you’re DPS. But for tanks, this is not the best option… especially if you’re not def capped, ESPECIALLY if you only have 19k health… I don’t think its snobby to decline potential wipefests like that. I don’t mind helping new 80s but at the very least run some reg 80s first to try to get slightly better gear and earn rep with northrend factions BEFORE jumping straight into heroics.

    • Troutwort Says:

      We’re going to be running some normal dungeons this weekend to help get people geared up for heroics. We figure with a soild tank and healer and at least one DPS, we should be fine to help the other DPS get some better gear. Hopefully it will lead to a solid 5-man team.

  5. gnomeaggedon Says:

    You made the right decision… just because you have the time to run an instance, doesn’t mean you have the time to waste it on a wipe.

    The best time to leave a party is before the wipes begin… so you definitely did the right thing

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