Trout Gives In

Troutwort has reached a level of excellence which he never has.  He’s always been gimped compared to Elgar as far as gear goes.  Even though he was my first character and was the first to 70 and to 80 he’s always been the last to get geared or any sort.  But this time, he’s done better.  His gear is actually halfway decent and he’s doing well for himself.  His leatherworking paid off on the Giantmaim pieces and the Argent Tournament allowed him to get a decent staff as well–even if it’s probably catered towards druids.  Some heroics to fill in the gaps, a few badge items.  And dang, he’s not looking that bad. 

The other day he managed to pull off 2400 DPS on a boss in GunDrak.  By far his best performance in a 5-man group.  This was really exciting considering he was usually pulling about 1600-1700 DPS prior to the new gear and arrows, what a difference!  To push Trout even further though, it was time for one last improvement.  His pet.   

I’ve had a bear pet since level 24 in Ashenvale.  He’s been with me the whole time.  I would read hunter forums about best pets, etc.  But I loved my bear too much.  But when the pet talent trees came out I decided it was time to tame some new ones.  I wanted to see the different abilities.  I tamed a wasp from Zangarmarsh first.  He actually did pretty good DPS, but his debuff doesn’t stack with other classes abilities, and he’s large and flappy, so sometimes makes it difficult to see.  I also tamed a spider for a cunning pet.  His long cooldown on web is clearly to not be overpowered in PvP, but he’s not too useful in PvE.  But the thing I loved about the cunning talents is Roar of Recovery – 30% mana back over 9 seconds??  Yummy.  Plus it’s on autocast so I can forget about my mana or switching to viper on longer fights since he’d cast it and fill me up enough to keep the DPS on strong.  But aside from that buff he was…well, lacking.  I did get all three pets to level 80 though.

So the search for a pet that was going to be useful began.  I read over and over—wolf, wolf, wolf, wolf….bleh.  I didn’t want a wolf, I wanted to see if I could find something in the cunning family so that I could keep that Roar of Recovery.  But sadly nearly all the cunning pet special abilities have really long cooldowns are fairly useless in PvE.  Since he’s not BM, I started to look at some of the ferocity and tenacity pets as well, and narrowed it down to cat and…wait for it…wolf. 

Okay, wolf is better than cat, so fine, I’ve been broken.  I’ll go tame a wolf.  Since all the wolves have the same abilities next came picking a skin I liked.  I don’t really care for the wild looking ones that appear in Northrend.  I know that I can get one that is already level 80 or even 78ish, but I didn’t care if I’d have to level up the wolf a little bit from 75 if I tamed a lower level.  A few dungeons and he’d be 80.

There are basically three wolf shapes.  I identified them by their mouths, big upper fang, big lower fang, and no enlarged fangs.  The big upper fangs are the ones from Northrend, I looked online and didn’t see any color that I liked.  Yes, I said color.  So then I looked at the other ones, well…this red one from Blade’s Edge doesn’t seem that bad.  I purchased my extra stable slot, put the wasp away and headed out.  I tamed it easily.  But then I stood there, with my wolf beside me.  No.  It didn’t look right.  I know this might seem trivial to some people, “just get a damned wolf already” but it’s not totally trivial if I have to look at this thing all the time–that and WoW is 50% killing things and 50% drag show anyways.  I mean come on, we’re all a little vain when it comes to how our characters look (aka helm on or off??).  With my pets, I’m especially vain.  I went back to the internet and found a black wolf also in Blade’s Edge, this one had the no enlarged fangs style and I thought, I think I like that.  Let’s try it.  I swoop over and pick one up.  Yes, yes, this will work.  Ideally I would have liked him to be a dark brown rather than black, but there are no dark brown wolves in this style, so I’ll deal with it. 

So then the trouble came with what to name him.  I must have run around for like 1.5 hours with just “Wolf” as his name, when finally I decided, I’d name him Kenny.  I then quickly made a macro that said “Oh my god.  They killed Kenny!” for when he dies in AOE or something.  Hopefully someone will find it mildly amusing (I don’t even watch South Park!).  Running around with him last night was good, his ability will help my DPS in dungeons, but I sure did miss my bear when killing scourge for my Argent Tournament daily.

Kiwi the spider is probably now “retired” except for possibly during some PvP.  The wasp will get some play in 5-mans depending if his buff will be overwritten.  And the bear will always be my questing and dailies buddy–he’ll be back as soon as the wolf hits 80.  But the wolf will probably see the most play time in 5-mans and raids.  I’m a little sad that I caved in, but I know it’s best for Trout to be his best.  Are other hunter’s especially picky with their pets and do you keep pets around that aren’t the “best” pet to have just because you’ve had them so long?

5 Responses to “Trout Gives In”

  1. theerivs Says:

    This is what I hate about Hunters. Your a noob if you don’t have this pet, or that pet. So Wolf is FOTM, last time I checked it was Cat. Bah, I’ll stick to my Water Elemental…one size fits all.

  2. smart001 Says:

    I deliberately keep my cat even though I know my wolf will do better dps. I also have a daily gorilla that i have had since STV days.

    I love my cat and will likely never change it for a wolf.

  3. Troutwort Says:

    He he, yeah, I know wolf it totally FOTM. I know I’ll still use the bear for when I’m running around doing dailies. But for dungeons the bear really does cut it, so I got the wasp, I love the way they look, but I gave in to the FOTM. Maybe the flavor will change to something more…flavorful?

  4. Eldadres Says:

    Congrats on the DPS buff there man! That is a hard choice I must say, between something you’re attached to compared to something you know is better.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I actually caught quite a bit of slack from guild members and friends last night for getting the wolf. I know they were just teasing me, but primarily because I always believe and tell people that they should and can play however they like, and not worry about what the elitist say is “best” but do what they like.

      I always tell people, you can level to 80 in all greens and quest rewards if you want. Play the game how it’s fun for you and do what makes you happy.

      So I caught a little slack for being hypocritical and going with the FOTM pet. Rightfully so. 😛

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